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the dos and don'ts of mentoring

The Dos and Don'ts of Mentoring


The 87-year-old Missionary

strengthening marriage in our church

Strengthening Marriages in Our Church

the lived-out gospel

The Lived-Out Gospel

the legacy of an ordinary woman

The Legacy of an Ordinary Woman

the impact of the art of marriage

The Impact of The Art of Marriage

sharing the good news of jesus christ through your life

Sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ Through Your Life

reaching out through passport to purity

Reaching Out Through Passport2Purity®

passionate about helping marriage in our church

Passionate About Helping Marriages in Our Church

only god can change a heart

Only God Can Change a Heart

reaching the divorce generation

Reaching the Divorce Generation

reaching out with the love of christ

Reaching Out - With the Love of Christ

reaching out with compassion

Reaching Out with Compassion

the only life worth living

The Only Life Worth Living

did you know your home is an embassy of the king

Did You Know Your Home Is an Embassy of the King?

young couples need your help

Young Couples Need Your Help!

You can't help but be changed

"You Can't Help but Be Changed"

Seven Steps to Starting a Marriage Ministry

7 Steps for Starting a Marriage Ministry

Surprised by The Art of Marriage

Surprised by The Art of Marriage

will you make a difference in the life of a child

Will You Make a Difference in the Life of a Child?

we started by checking a box

We Started by Checking a Box

three ways to improve your connection capacity

Three Ways to Improve Your Connection Capacity

the right tool at the right time

The Right Tool at the Right Time

10 Tips for Leading Marriage Small Groups

Will You Become a HomeBuilder?

what are you wearing

What Are You Wearing?

what about the fatherless families

What About the Fatherless Families?

a legacy of spiritual multiplication

A Legacy of Spiritual Multiplication

equipping couples for lifelong love

Equipping Couples for Lifelong Love

20 ideas for encouraging others

20 Ideas for Encouraging Others

are you ready to be a mentor

Are You Ready to Be a Mentor?

a mighty legacy

A Mighty Legacy

a life-changing weekend

A Life-Changing Weekend

2 Keys to Ministry Success

2 Keys to Ministry Success

18 ways to use your home as an outreach of christ's love

18 Ways to Use Your Home as an Outreach of Christs Love

why prison is the highlight of my week

Why Prison Is the Highlight of My Week

The Dynamic Duo of Baltimore

The Dynamic Duo of Baltimore

2 Keys to Ministry Success

Launching a Marriage Ministry: A First Person Perspective

Large Groups, Small Groups, or One-to-One Ministry

Small Groups, Large Groups, or One-to-One Ministry: Which Should You Use?


‘As Long as You’re Breathing, There’s Hope’

mentoring is not a luxury

Mentoring is Not a Luxury, But a Necessity

just asking

2 Simple Questions to Start a Life-Changing Conversation

is your home open to others

Is Your Home Open to Others?

now hiring

Now Hiring

my stubborn rude mean loving friend named cucu

My Stubborn, Rude, Mean, Loving Friend Named Cucu

my favorite compliment

My Favorite Compliment

hanging by a thread

Hanging by a Thread

confronting a friend

Confronting a Friend

chaos in kenya confidence in god

Chaos in Kenya, Confidence in God

can God use us

Can God Use Us?

families change families

Families Change Families

explore has transformed my life

Explore Has Transformed My Life

divine appointments

Divine Appointments

10 ways to share the Gospel without being pushy

10 Ways to Share the Gospel Without Being Pushy

Reaching the world from your own home

Reaching the World From Your Own Home

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