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Reaching Out at Christmas

The best way to celebrate Christmas is by telling others about Jesus Christ.

Vonette Bright

Personally, I can't think of a better way to celebrate the Christmas season than telling others about Jesus Christ. It gives us the opportunity to join the angels who proclaimed, "Behold, I bring you tidings of great joy ... for unto you has been born this day a savior ..."

I also believe this is the one time of the year when people are most responsive to the gospel. It's a time when people think of spiritual things—even if only for a few moments. So many people are hungry for the reality of God in their lives, but often they look for answers in the wrong places.

Christmas is also a festive time, when people love to get together. And that's why I urge families to reach out by organizing evangelistic Christmas parties. Whether these gatherings are for couples, for women in your office or neighborhood, or for your children's friends, you will find parties a natural opportunity to proclaim the Good News.

Joyce Bademan, a Campus Crusade for Christ staff member in Minneapolis, has made Christmas teas the focus of her evangelistic ministry. Years ago, after hearing Joyce speak at an evangelistic meeting, a friend invited her to present a similar message at a Christmas tea she had already organized. Twenty-seven women heard the gospel that day, and several prayed and received Christ.

A few hours later, Joyce received a phone call from another woman who had heard what had happened and wanted to do the same thing for her neighbors. That experience helped Joyce see how easy it was to organize these evangelistic parties. Over the years Joyce has helped hundreds of women organize Christmas teas.

If you think you need special training to organize these parties, you're wrong. All you need is a home with Christmas decorations, some food, and the willingness to reach out to your non-believing friends and acquaintances. You don't even have to present the evangelistic message—we often encourage women to recruit someone else to do the speaking.

Take my word for it: This is one of the easiest ways you can reach out with the love of Christ. You just need to step out in the power of the Holy Spirit and try it!

Copyright © 2005 by Vonette Bright. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

Looking for help or inspiration this Christmas? FamilyLife offers several resources to help your family focus on Christ during your Christmas celebration. The Ever Thine Home® Christmas collection includes ornaments and other decorations help you honor Christ and proclaim your faith. The 12 Names of Christmas™ ornaments are designed to help you teach your children about Jesus is and why He came to live among us. And in When Christmas Came, Barbara Rainey reveals the substance of Christmas in poignant prose and vivid watercolors.

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