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Ideas for Valentine's Day

Readers respond with their suggestions for romance.
By Dave Boehi

I will quickly point out the fact that the ideas I will present this week are not my own. I would give myself a C in the subject of romantic creativity.

As we look forward to Valentine’s Day, I will shamelessly borrow from all the A-level ideas that we recently received. We asked readers of MomLife Today, FamilyLife's blog for mothers, as well as the staff here at FamilyLife, to tell us about some of their most romantic Valentine experiences. Here are some of the highlights:

Chalk talk: Kenny Fairris purchased some sidewalk chalk and wrote notes on his garage floor. “Just remember to clean it up later or you’ll track it all over the house!” Kenny wrote.

Day of pampering: Todd Nagel woke up his wife, Sarah, and gave her eight cards. “The first card told her to get ready for the day, what she needed to wear, when she needed to leave the house, and when she could open the next card. She opened the next card once she left the house and there was a gift card to Starbucks that would pay for her to get a coffee and muffin.” Each new card led her to a new pampering experience—a manicure, a walk around a lake, a pedicure, lunch with her mom and three sisters, a haircut, shopping for a new outfit, and, to end the day, dinner with Todd. And yes, he arranged for all payments ahead of time.

Gift coupons: “I returned home from spending a couple of weeks in Phoenix helping out my folks,” wrote Sue Stokes. “As I unpacked and began to settle in I started finding little bitty ‘sticky notes’ from John. I found them in the silverware drawer, on a roll of aluminum foil, on my coffee cup, in the refrigerator, in my makeup drawer, in the medicine cabinet, my sock drawer, etc. Many just expressed his love for me and what he appreciated most about me. Others were little coupons for date night, Starbucks, a shopping trip for a lamp we needed. It was absolutely the most awesome thing he’s ever done … I’ll bet it was two weeks before I found all the notes. I saved many and still reread them.”

Kidnapped: Gene Haub had been working a lot of long hours, and had not put much energy into Valentine’s Day one year. “So, instead of being hurt or offended, René went on the offensive and took things under control herself.” She kidnapped him from work and took him out to eat and then to a hotel where she had secretly made reservations. Wrote Gene, “Now that's one Valentine’s Day I will remember for years to come!”

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Meet the Author: Dave Boehi

Dave Boehi is a senior editor at FamilyLife. He has written one book (I Still Do), coauthored the Preparing for Marriage workbook, edited dozens of books and Bible studies, and produces the FamilyLife e-newsletter Help & Hope. Dave and his wife, Merry, live in Little Rock, Arkansas, and have two married daughters.



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