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The Amazing Power of Honoring Your Parents

The fifth commandment—to honor our parents—is rarely discussed today. Yet many are finding that obeying this forgotten commandment is one of the most profound experiences of adulthood.

The Healing Power of Honor: One Man's Incredible Journey

Years of bitterness finally turned to forgiveness in the Lewis family, but something special needed to be done to celebrate all that this couple had done right.

5 Ways Men Need to Step Up

Men today need to step up to their responsibilities as husbands and fathers.

Start a new family tradition this year.

With The Messiah Mystery, teach your kids how all of history turns on the coming of Christ.

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Thanks, Mom and Dad! 2/22/14

Dennis Rainey, Josh McDowell, and Ashley Escue tell how you can bless your parents with a little sincere encouragement.

The Second Half: Grandparenting Well 4/26/14

Enthusiastic grandparents Jack and Jerry Schreur, Jan Stoop, and Dr. Howard Hendricks give practical advice on grandparenting well.

Lies Women Believe About God 10/17/06

Author and speaker, Nancy Leigh DeMoss, talks about the lies women often believe about God. Hear how these lies can lead a person to discount sin and question the Creator's goodness.

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