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Ten Urgent Steps for for Keeping Your Family Spiritually Strong

Marriage today is taking place on a spiritual battlefield.
By Dennis Rainey

Editor’s Note: On the December 10-11, 2012, FamilyLife Today® broadcasts, host Dennis Rainey suggested the following ways for families to stay spiritually strong in today’s culture.

1.   Kneel and surrender to Jesus Christ.

2.   Train your family to love others.

3.   Become the guardian of marriage. 

4.   Evaluate what your schedule is all about and where it’s taking you.  Slow down and make needed

5.   Men: Man up and step up.

6.   Become proactive, not just reactive.

7.   Refuse to allow the media monster to devour your family.

8.   Train your family to think biblically.

9.   Pray more, together.

10. Every family needs an overall mission.


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Meet the Author: Dennis Rainey

Dennis Rainey

Dennis Rainey is the president and chief executive officer of FamilyLife, a subsidiary of Campus Crusade for Christ. Since the organization began in 1976, Dennis' leadership has enabled FamilyLife to grow into a dynamic and vital ministry that offers families blueprints for living godly lives.  Dennis is host of FamilyLife Today radio program and has written numerous books.  He and his wife, Barbara, live near Little Rock, Arkansas.  They have six children and many grandchildren.



Save a Marriage Today

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