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Top 10 Articles on Romance and Sex

The Family Room recently passed its 10-year anniversary. Here are the Top 10 most popular articles we’ve run on romance and sex in the e-magazine.

1. Why Sex Is So Important to Your Husband

A man's sexual performance with his wife is an inseparable part of who he is. By Barbara Rainey


2. 30 Ways to Love Your Lover

Affirming your wife through even just three or four of these ideas will do wonders for your romance. By Dennis Rainey


3. Before You Touch Her Body

For romance to deepen, here is a truth that should be emblazoned on the heart of every husband. By C. J. Mahaney


4. Why Sex Is So Important to Your Wife

When you ignore God’s command to cultivate intimacy and romance with your wife, she is left with a void in her soul. By Dennis Rainey


5. 10 Surprising Ways to Increase Romance 

Believe it or not, these small changes can amplify your feelings of love without mood lighting or lingerie. By Sabrina Beasley


6. Romancing Your Man    

It comes down to one simple principle—love your neighbor as you would want to be loved. By Barbara Rainey


7. The Five Romantic Needs of a Woman

A great lover must be committed to satisfying his wife’s unique needs. By Dennis Rainey


8. 7 Things to Remember About Sex

Your spouse approaches intimacy much differently than you. By Bob Lepine


9. What Does God Think About Sex? 

Because most men and women have differing ideas, standards, and expectations about sex, it's no wonder that many marriages suffer in this area. By Dennis and Barbara Rainey


10. 10 Romantic Films Your Husband Won’t Hate

These movies have plenty of romance, but they aren't chick flicks. By Dave Boehi

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