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Busy is not an excuse 

This was Jeff & Amy's first Weekend to Remember and Amy had to nearly drag Jeff there- there was always some excuse not to come. Jeff said he could have given 10 million reasons why he was too busy, but now that he was there, he could give 10 million reasons why he's glad he was.

Remembering why they fell in love

The Weekend to Remember totally changed Kim & Anthony's marriage. After struggling through a traumatic motorcycle accident, it gave Kim back her faith and was above & beyond Anthony's expectations. It helped them remember why they got married in the first place- why they fell in love. 

Finding time to come every year. 

Edwin & Gloria came to a Weekend to Remember the first year they got married- 10 years ago- and have made it a point to come ever year since. Every year they get something different out of it- finding a different area or issue to work on b/c every year they're at a new stage in their married life. 


Staying open-minded together 

John Paul & Rachel have come to a Weekend to Remember the past 7 years of their marriage. While John Paul was reluctant at first, he urges men to "come in with an open mind, because it's not what you think it is". Rachel says it's a fun and realistic way to grow together & dig deeper in your marriage.

A getaway for new parents 

This was Dominic & Ashten's first Weekend to Remember and they viewed it as a true getaway from their hectic lives and the stress of a new baby at home. Both couples saw the Weekend as a way to lay a foundation in their marriage that can be built upon for years to come.


The getaway reversed their marriage 

This was Jordan & Christina's second Weekend to Remember, since the first one made such a difference in their marriage. They were both so ready to embrace the Weekend and add to their marriage and said it was amazing to see how far they've come.

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