Join the Legacy Partner Team!

What is a Legacy Partner?

Legacy Partners are a unique group of FamilyLife friends who believe in our ministry and want to join with us to make a difference in the lives of families in their churches and communities.

Families need a place to turn in a world that’s increasingly disconnected. Legacy Partners understand the pressures of today’s world on marriages and families, and they stand ready to help. Their commitment to faithful financial support enables FamilyLife to impact families one home at a time, by helping us build godly legacies through their monthly gifts. 

We want to hear from you—especially on how we can be praying for you and your family's needs. You'll also have the chance to share your thoughts and opinions on upcoming projects and ministry opportunities throughout the year.
To show our appreciation for your support, we provide Legacy Partners with periodic updates on how your faithful giving is making a difference in the lives of marriages and families in communities like yours around the country. Dennis may also drop you a message with some insider information on what's happening at FamilyLife.
And through our regular letters, e-mails and other communication, we will do our best to share what can be so difficult to express with mere words—our constant gratitude for your partnership. Because remember: we are committed to giving you the support you need.
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Make a difference

I'm a Legacy Partner

Sandy in Loveland, CO

You provide practical, real-life help for people who want to live as God would have us but get caught up in the chaos of life. Thank you!

Kim in Adams, NY

You have helped me personally as a wife, mother, and a beloved daughter of Jesus Christ, to search hard for Christ and to follow in His footsteps by loving and forgiving as He would have me.

Todd in Pittsburgh, PA

I have been listening to your broadcasts for years, and you have greatly impacted my personal life, as well as my children's. I've been able to share your resources with many of my friends and family members, and I've seen God working because of your ministry.