Our children’s innocence is under attack, and parents cannot win the battle with a single awkward "birds and the bees" talk or a strict set of rules. The Passport2Purity Getaway Kit helps build heart-to-heart communication between you and your pre-teen while laying a foundation of purity that will prepare them for the turbulent years ahead.

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Passport2Purity Kit
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Watch Dennis and Barbara Rainey talk about Passport2Purity.

View the Tour Guide that guides parents through a Passport2Purity weekend.

View the Travel Journal that guides preteens through the weekend.

Listen to a teaching excerpt from session 2.

Listen to Dennis Rainey and Bob Lepine introduce Passport2Purity.

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Pre-Teen/Teen Portfolio (PDF brochure) They grow up fast, help them grow up right.

Passport2Purity BUNDLE SAVINGS - Save when you purchase items together.

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Passport2Purity Getaway Kit - Includes a Tour Guide for parents, Travel Journal for the preteen and CDs of 5 audio teaching sessions.

Passport2Purity Project Kit - Materials for the object lessons and projects.

Passport2Purity Travel Journal (workbook)

So You're About To Be A Teenager (book)

What Parents Are Saying

“I just wanted to pass on this note of praise for your Passport2Purity kit. I completed the program with my twin girls (11 years old) this past summer. When we were finished, I asked them how they liked the program and what they learned from it. They both loved it and one of them gushed about how much she had learned. The kids are under pressure even in early elementary school to have a ‘boyfriend’. They always thought I was a mean parent because I said they couldn't. I want to thank you for taking the time to put together such a great, life-view altering program.”

"I would highly recommend this product for any parent who would like to give their child a spiritual perspective about sex and peer-pressure and different choices they are going to have to make in life. My daughter (12) and I spent the weekend together doing this and she was happy that we did it and at one point she told me to stop talking because the tapes were doing a better job of explaining."

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