Pastoral Marriages

Pastor, under-shepherd, bishop, overseer: what a title; what a calling; what a responsibility!

You and your family have answered that call to a position that is often taken for granted by all except the Lord Jesus Christ.  He NEVER forgets where you are or what you face each day.  Without that knowledge and without His presence and power, the title, the calling, and the responsibility would be nothing short of an impossible task.

We at FamilyLife understand that and want to encourage you and serve you in your marriage and family.  We have surveyed hundreds of pastors and their wives over the last few years and have heard about the challenges you face.  It is because of these voices that we are building this section of our website.  You and your family face unique circumstances, issues, and stressed in life, and we want to serve you as you face those situations. 

Here you will find articles from other pastors, audio from our radio broadcasts that speak to some of your needs, articles about personal challenges, and resources that can serve you and your family.  If we can do anything further to encourage or support your work in the Kingdom of our Lord, please contact us at 1-800-358-6329 or use the Contact Us page.

Dennis Rainey
Letter from Dennis and Barbara Rainey

There are so many challenges you face as a pastor and wife, and FamilyLife wants you to be encouraged.  Welcome to your space at!


Weekend to Remember
Pastor’s Scholarships for our events

We are able to offer scholarships for the Weekend to Remember Getaways and the I Still Do Events for pastoral couples.  There are also specially designed breakout sessions for pastoral couples at specific Weekend to Remember Events.

Weekend to Remember Scholarship

I Still Do event Scholarship

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CCEF Articles

Some of the best articles on various topics that challenge families and marriages by the Christian Counseling and Educational Foundation (CCEF).





Articles by professional counselors and educators
The Art of Marriage
Just for Pastoral Marriages

There are specific articles and FamilyLife broadcasts and videos that will speak into your pastoral marriage relationship.  We have identified certain ones that we think will be a blessing to you.


Audio Broadcasts