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Mastering Money in Your Marriage

Mastering Money in Your Marriage Any married couple will tell you that many disagreements in their marriage center around the subject of money. This study helps couples learn and wrestle with the principles of money management taught in the Bible but also provides them with practical guidance for handling their finances.

As you and other couples go through this six week study, you’ll discover a plan for making healthy financial decisions and strengthening your relationship at the same time. You’ll receive help with:

  • Getting on the same page as your spouse
  • Seeing yourself as a steward
  • Setting financial priorities
  • Identifying God-honoring financial goals
  • Biblical principles on debt and borrowing
  • Scriptural perspectives on giving

This study will present challenging questions that lead couples to evaluate their stewardship of the resources God entrusted them with. Together, you’ll explore how God is leading you to change the way you handle your finances.

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Quick tips for leading this study

Remind. Help the group remember that God cares about our faithfulness with what we have ... not how much we have.

Consider. One important spiritual lesson is that money is a reflection of what is important in our lives and reveals our true priorities.

Apply. In the last session couples are asked to fill out a budget. You may wish to host one more meeting to celebrate completing this study and encourage them to complete their budget and follow it.

Customer reviews

Fantastic! Worth every penny and far more. Ron and Judy Blue saved my marriage.


Ron Blue

Save a Marriage Today

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