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College Ready


The anticipation of college naturally raises a number of fears. Will I know what to do? Do I know what course of study to pursue? Will I fit in? Do I have what it takes to make it? Am I ready?


College Ready is a six-part, high-impact video series that's designed to help your student explore these topics:

  • Creating a vision for your college years
  • Empowering friendships
  • Excelling academically
  • Dating right
  • Having fun
  • Growing spiritually

With College Ready, high school seniors or first semester college freshman will be empowered with a clear direction for starting college right and finishing it well.

Accompanied with an easy-to-use notebook for each student, College Ready offers biblical wisdom and practical advice for navigating the college maze and thriving there.

In addition, a College Ready leader’s guide provides those in charge all the help and instruction needed to make this series one of lasting impact in students' lives.

No one wants to stumble blindly through some of the biggest adventures and opportunities in front of them. You want to be clear. Confident. Prepared. And College Ready can help. It offers sound wisdom, eye-opening insight, and practical advice for what's ahead—and winning there.

College can, and should be, one of the best experiences of your life—a launch pad to your future. But for that to happen, be ready. College Ready!

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Customer reviews

"College Ready helped me make personal commitments to myself in the areas of dating, friendships, and study habits. This study gave me practical goals that I could and did achieve. College Ready gave me the vision I needed to align my college experience with God's plan for my life." –Walker, Client Relations, eDoc America; 2009 college graduate

"Our College Ready experience was a rewarding time for my son, Peyton, and me. I only wish that I had been able to have this when I started my college life. I really feel this had an incredibly positive effect on my son and gave him a whole new perspective on what he might experience as a freshman, away from home and on his own." –Jim, Parent

"The College Ready series my son, Taylor, went through was extremely rewarding. The most awesome part of the study was at the end of the course. Hearing my son tell us his goals— how he was going to live his life, what principals he was going to live, what type of young lady he wanted to date and how he would treat her and respect her—just really filled my heart up with joy. It has been over 4 1/2 years since he went through this course ; he now is a college grad and a very responsible man that is just awesome to see.  College Ready was a huge help in making that happen." –Frank, Parent


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