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Building Up Your Spouse

The love and loyalty offered by your spouse makes a huge difference in your confidence and courage . . . for the good or the bad. Learning to encourage and give grace to one another are keys to building the kind of marriage each of us longs for.

Unfortunately, in marriage relationships, it’s easy to fall into the traps of criticism and withholding love based on your spouse’s performance. This seven week study will teach couples how to lift each other up as you learn about:

  • Our need for encouragement
  • Communicating unconditional love
  • Putting the past in the right perspective
  • Using words to build up and not tear down
  • Giving your spouse the freedom to fail
  • Reducing stress in your life
  • Supporting your spouse in becoming what God intends

Discover practical ways to nourish your spouse’s confidence with Building Up Your Spouse and bring out the best in each other and your marriage!

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Quick tips for leading this study

Lead. Don’t stifle the discussion of others by making you the authority with the “real” answers. Begin comments by saying things like, “One thing I notice in this passage...” or, “I think another reason for this is...”

Explain. For us to forgive deep hurts, we need to experience and understand God’s forgiveness in our own lives. When we understand the extent of God’s forgiveness toward us, our willingness to do the same grows.

Demonstrate. Praise needs to be genuine and heart-felt. When praise comes from someone whose actions speak otherwise, people feel they are being manipulated.

Teamwork. A great way to practice avoiding stress is to agree to check with your spouse before accepting a commitment. This will reduce overcommitment and invite their feedback in the decision making process.

Customer reviews

This was our second Homebuilders study with 8 couples and it was deep. It helped challenge each couple to be more open and transparent in their marriage. After experiencing this study we will have all 8 couples going to the Marriage conference.


Dennis Rainey and Barbara Rainey

Save a Marriage Today

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