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Establishing Effective Discipline for Your Children

Every child misbehaves. They resist your instructions, fight with siblings and friends, and disrespect your authority. Throw in some differences of opinion on discipline and all the energy it takes to raise them, and couples can begin drifting apart.

God corrects his children because he loves them, and as parents, are motive for discipline should be the same. Do you want to learn how to be united as a couple around disciplining your kids? Do you need help in changing motivations from simply controlling behavior to shaping their character? Get some friends together for this six week study, and you’ll discuss:

  • Our responsibility to discipline
  • Teaching children to build their character
  • Developing boundaries
  • Establishing consequences for good/bad behavior
  • What the Bible says about spanking
  • How to build endurance as parents

Your kid’s character can flourish when—together as a couple—you focus on guiding their hearts with purpose. This study will help you do that.

Order Establishing Effective Discipline in Your Children

Quick tips for leading this study

Apply. The six related Parent-Child Interactions found in this study are designed to give parents the opportunity to communicate with their children while completing the study.

Discuss. When addressing boundaries for children, ask the group to share boundaries they have already established such as TV, movies, Internet, and dating.

Lead. When discussing physical discipline, ask the group to set aside preconceived notions and take a fresh look at what the Bible says on the subject.

Reference. This study also contains an appendix listing observations and guidelines around discipline during several different phases of a child’s life.


Dennis Rainey and Barbara Rainey

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