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Grace Based Parenting

Biblical plan for nurturing well-balanced and loving kids

Grace Based Parenting shows moms and dads how to love their kids the way God loves His: with grace. Parents will gain a realistic job description for raising spiritually strong children with calm hearts that are full of purpose and hope. Parents can expect to walk away from the experience with a blueprint for building confident, courageous, and cooperative kids.

Grace Based Parenting gives a biblically-based plan for nurturing well-balanced and loving kids. The series helps parents discover how to: 

  • Create an atmosphere within their families that automatically brings the best out of everyone
  • Teach children to navigate their culture, choose better friends, and make wiser choices
  • Meet the three true needs of children
  • Liberate their children emotionally and spiritually
  • Replace fear with fun in their roles as parents
  • Keep from investing energy in a long list of things that don’t matter

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Customer reviews

I want to personally thank Dr. Kimmel for opening my eyes to the grace of God. I have given my life to God and want to raise my children the way He wants. My life as a parent has changed completely and forever and I want to say Thank You.

Grace Based Parenting helped us see that what we were doing was not working but actually harming our family and it helped us begin a whole new way of parenting in our home. We now have our son back and are on the road to reconciliation and restoration in our relationship with him. We have not arrived but we now have a grace based approach that includes Biblical standards and discipline too.

"I am a single parent of 2 little girls. I had a very rough time in my teens and early 20’s and I am now doing what I can to be a good mother. I really hope and pray that they do not have to go through the things that I did. I have been searching for resources to help me help them. The books and conference from you have made me so much more confident in my parenting and knowing I can do it. Thank you. God bless!

My 8 year old son has ADHD and I can now look at him as a gift!! I won’t be Drill Sergeant Mommy so much. Now I can look at him in a different way and now I know the reason I chose his name which means “anointed”. I feel I understand him better!! Thank you so much!


Tim Kimmel

Save a Marriage Today

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