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Guiding Your Teenagers

focus during their teen years

Parenting through the teen years requires great balance and agility. While they are seeking independence, you must navigate how to continue a meaningful relationship ... one that prepares them for the challenges they’ll face through the teen years and into adulthood.

Yes, you need to let your teenagers go eventually, but your work isn’t finished. In fact, your teen needs you as much as ever. Prepare yourself and a group of friends as you explore:

  • Staying involved in your teens life
  • Recognizing the traps of adolescence
  • Helping them overcome peer pressure
  • Keeping a high standard of sexual purity
  • Setting standards for dating
  • Developing discernment about media use
  • Helping them avoid substance abuse

Teenagers can be puzzling to parents, and it can be easy to lose focus during their teen years. Guiding Your Teenagers will get you ready to point them toward lives of godly purpose.

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Quick tips for leading this study

Encourage. If a parent is not intentional in teaching their kids about the critical issues and choices they will face, their peers may teach them. Encourage parents to step up during the teen years.

Discuss. A relationship with Jesus Christ will give teens the power to resist the temptations presented. It also provides the only reason to remain pure and undefiled. If parents in the group have teens who do not have a saving relationship with Jesus Christ, discuss how to talk about the gospel with their teenagers. The article Our Problems, God’s Answers found in the study may also be helpful.

Apply. The six related Parent-Child Interactions found in this study are designed to give parents the opportunity to communicate with their children while completing the study.


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