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Resolving Conflict in Your Marriage

learn how to resolve conflict

Conflict is part of every marriage. Couples bring their differences and expectations into the marriage, and inevitably there are fireworks. But when they learn how to navigate through conflict successfully, couples will find their relationship growing stronger.

This study helps couples learn how to resolve their conflict and produce better understanding and communication in their marriage. You won’t be required to share your personal conflicts with the group, but you will be encouraged to discuss and resolve them alone as a couple. During this six week study, you’ll explore:

  • Replacing conflict with peace
  • Steps toward transparency
  • Becoming a good listener
  • Confronting your spouse with love
  • The importance of forgiveness
  • Giving a blessing instead of an insult

If there are suppressed or ignored issues in marriage, don’t be surprised if conflict arises as you discuss these topics! So roll up your sleeves, become allies, and learn how to fight together for your relationship.

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Quick tips for leading this study

Explain. Help the group understand not all conflict is negative and that differences can increase their growth and understanding as a married couple.

Discuss. Listening to others is really a heart issue. Explore what being a poor listener says about your heart.

Review. Taking notes after meeting with your group can help you remember how things went, who to follow up with or ideas to get everyone to participate.

Follow-up. If someone is struggling with forgiveness, recommend the article Our Problems, God’s Answers.

Customer reviews

Wonderful study working through many of the pivotal issues faced in a marriage. Don’t wait! Confront these matters together, and you will find renewed and/or strengthened intimacy. Ignore them and you will be traveling the lonely road to isolation.


Bob Horner and Jan Horner

Save a Marriage Today

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