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The Smart Stepfamily

Designed for small groups, this series includes 8-sessions on 2 DVDs.

Blended families have many unique stressors and dynamics that challenge couple relationships and make stepparenting difficult which is one reason the stepcouple divorce rate is two-thirds.

Couples, on the other hand, who know how to navigate these challenges, can build healthy, redemptive, godly homes for their children and have marriages that thrive.

In this 8-week series, blended family expert Ron Deal helps couples:

  • understand how stepfamilies are different from biological families
  • facilitate the “blending” process
  • discover useable solutions for everyday living
  • gain practical tips for raising stepkids
  • and more!

Designed for small groups, but equally useful for personal home study or premarital counseling, this series includes 8-sessions on 2 DVDs. An accompanying Participant's Guide is also available. Participants will also need a copy of Ron's book The Smart Stepfamily.

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Customer reviews

Nothing prepared me for what I have experienced as a stepmother over the last almost 12 years. It has been one of the most challenging, painful, lonely, difficult experiences of my life... It has also been one of the greatest learning experiences I have had—and much of that is due to the hope and knowledge I have received from reading your website, your books, and recently participating in a webinar... I am grateful that you have made your life’s work providing resources, direction, information, and hope for the many people struggling with stepfamily issues. With gratitude I am making a donation to the Stepping Forward Campaign.


Ron Deal

Save a Marriage Today

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