Real Stories and Real Life-Change

"The Stepping Up series was amazing. Nine men met each week and our attendance held strong the entire session. On night one, I was fielding questions about start and end times but by week three that was replaced with guys visiting for 30 minutes or longer after we wrapped up." –Series leader

"I attended a Stepping Up video event yesterday in Albany, Oregon. I have to say this was a wake up call and a great reminder that I need to step up to become a better leader in my household. Also, a great reminder that I need to step up and gain courage to defeat the giants that have been hindering my walk with God. Going through this, I definitely gained my "bearings" on what it takes to step up and become a man of God!" –Event participant

"In one way or another, the men attending shared the revelation that in order for them to step up and step out in courageous manhood they need Christ and His power to be their fuel—their wisdom and strength." –Event host

"A woman approached me this morning in tears. At first I was concerned that something was wrong, but she actually wanted to come and thank me for the Stepping Up classes we are currently holding. She was on the phone with her husband this morning and he . . . offered to pray with her, something he had not done in their previous 28 years of marriage." –Series leader

"The retreat was a huge success! We had 23 men attend the event. Many if not all of the men left with a fire burning inside calling them to step up and be the men God has called them to be. What an encouraging weekend!" –Event host

"I visualize us making this an ongoing men's study for some time to come—absolutely the best I've seen. Thank you for 'stepping up' to help us" –Series leader

"I had my own interpretation of what a man was but as I continued to go through this program, I actually learned that I was the furthest thing from a man. Thank God for showing me the direction in how to be a better husband, a better father, and a better person as a man." –Series participant in prison

"Today I want to cut the cycle, to be a better dad for my children so they don't have to go through the same thing." –Series participant in prison

"Completing this program, it really put it on my heart that I needed to step up and take the initiative to be back in my family's life, and actually within the last month I talked to my family and had a reconciliation with them." –Series participant at a men's shelter

"Thanks for making this available to the men. We have 330 men in the unit and are drawing 13 percent of the population. And that 13 percent is going out and affecting not only the other inmates, but also the officers and staff. As I walk our campus, I have received many comments from the employees about the difference they have noticed in the overall attitude of the unit. God is truly moving and making a difference through this FamilyLife material." –Prison chaplain