Stepping Up with Teens


Think of what it must be like for young boys growing up today. Media outlets attack the traditional roles of men and claim that a man who seeks to be a leader in his family is actually oppressing his wife and children. Our culture is permeated with sexuality, where children are exposed to explicit messages and distorted images at a far younger age than their parents were. Boys are increasingly medicated, often because their parents don’t know how to channel their masculinity, adventure, and drive. Is it any wonder that boys grow up so confused? They require guidance on how to be a man.

In the wake of these attacks exists a generation of men who don’t know how to be men. They don’t know how to have real relationships with women, with their children, or with other men, and many grow up with a courage deficit—they have little idea what courage looks like, or what types of courageous choices they need to make as they move through their lives.

Teenage boys must be trained for the battle of manhood and how to grow into godly men or how to be a dad. They need to know who God is and how to relate to their Creator. They need to know what a real man is and what he does. They need to know how to make wise choices.


Stepping Up can be done in the setting of a church’s established youth group, or you can gather a group of fathers and sons to experience it together. Some small groups choose to have fathers and sons sit in different groups to foster a more open environment for sharing and growth. Whichever format you prefer, make a commitment to pour into the next generation with Stepping Up.

If you’re ready to take the next step, you can preview session one of the Stepping Up video series here or session one of the Stepping Up video event here.