Invite Others to the Video Series

Downloadable promotional materials:

*Before printing, customize these items with your date, location, and other information. Brochure cannot be customized.

If you would like to order pre-printed brochures to promote your group, please call 1-800-358-6329. Ask for product #BRO18898. The brochures are free, but shipping charges will apply.

Promotional videos:

Tips on promoting the video series:

  • Distribute flyers in Sunday school classes or small groups.
  • Put up posters in well-traveled areas, such as hallways, classrooms, and restrooms.
  • Request an announcement on the church’s website, in newsletters, and in the worship service; send an email to men.
  • Place a banner ad on your church website.
  • Ask your pastor to endorse the series and encourage men to attend.
  • Show a promo video in a worship service, in men's Sunday school classes, and in men's small groups.
  • Set up an information table before and after services.

If you are opening your group up to other churches or the larger community:

  • Place posters in other churches and in community businesses (ask permission first).
  • Send an invitation through Facebook to your Facebook friends and ask them to forward it to their friends as well.
  • Send a Twitter message to your followers.
  • Request a public service announcement on your community’s radio station and/or cable provider’s community channel.
  • If feasible, place an ad on local websites and in local newspapers.