What Is The Art of Marriage?

Marriage, the way God intended it to be, is a true art form. That's why for more than 40 years, FamilyLife has been helping couples understand God's plan for relationships. The Art of Marriage® weaves together expert teaching, real-life stories, humorous vignettes, and more to portray both the challenges and the beauty of God's design.

In The Art of Marriage, over 40 ministry leaders provide biblically-centered teaching while couples who have struggled in marriage openly and honestly share their stories of pain, loss, forgiveness, and grace.

The Art of Marriage is available in three formats: a Friday night/Saturday video event, a single-day live event, and a six-session small-group video series. Additional study on the six topics is also available through The Art of Marriage® Connect Series.

The Art of Marriage video event is designed for hosting locally in a church, community, or home setting. The six engaging video sessions are interspersed with projects for couples to complete to reinforce lessons. A Host Guide provides complete instructions for planning, promoting, and hosting the event while on-screen prompts and project countdowns guide the video viewing.

The Art of Marriage Live brings FamilyLife speakers to your location to present the proven concepts from our video event in an engaging single-day format. The speaker couple combines teaching and personal stories with video clips from The Art of Marriage, adding real-life examples to the biblical truths.

The Art of Marriage small-group series enables couples to interact with the video content in a group setting with other couples over six weeks. The video sessions present the same biblical teaching as in the video event but in shortened segments. Weekly date nights enable couples to interact one-on-one through discussion questions and mini-projects.

Testimonies of participants attest that The Art of Marriage has transformed the lives and marriages of countless couples. In fact, since The Art of Marriage released in 2011, more than 700,000 have participated in the event or series, with 97 percent saying they would recommend it to other couples.

Learn about the six topics covered in The Art of Marriage Christian marriage seminar and small-group series.