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Following are frequently asked questions about The Art of Marriage® video event and small-group series. Have more questions? Contact Us

Q: What is The Art of Marriage?
The Art of Marriage video event and small-group series present God’s design for relationships. Both feature some of the most respected pastors and experts on marriage and family enrichment. Through the use of expert teaching, engaging stories, real-life testimonials, and humorous vignettes, these inspiring and powerful resources have encouraged over 600,000 people since launching in February 2011.

Q: Why choose FamilyLife’s The Art of Marriage over other video marriage resources?
A: Rather than simply filming a live event at a location such as a hotel ballroom or church, we specifically designed the event and small-group series to work in a video setting. FamilyLife has woven together expert teaching, engaging stories, real-life testimonies, and humorous vignettes in a video composition to help couples fully experience God’s design for marriage.

Q: Can we bring children?
A: Each local event or series coordinator has the freedom to offer childcare to meet the needs of his or her group. If you have childcare needs please check with your local host before attending.

Q: Will I have to engage in group discussion?
A: The video event does not include group discussion. However, each local event coordinator has the freedom to structure the event to meet the needs of his or her group. If you have concerns about group discussion, check with your local host before attending the event. The small-group series includes both group and couples’ discussion questions.

Q: Will I be required to participate in the projects with my spouse?
A: This event was designed so that the projects are an essential part of the event experience. The projects allow you to immediately apply what you’ve learned from the videos to your marriage. We highly recommend that you make the completion of the projects a priority during the event. We’ve received many comments from other attendees who say the projects were the best part of the event.

Q: Can singles attend The Art of Marriage video event or small-group series?
A: ABSOLUTELY! In fact, we HIGHLY recommend it. Either resource will give individuals a clear understanding of what a marriage commitment truly means, and is also a great foundation for engaged couples who are soon to be married.

Q: I have been divorced. Will I feel uncomfortable at this event?
A: We understand that divorce is a reality, and we have designed this event with that reality in mind. We have tried to focus on the condition of your current marriage, not on creating guilt or regret over the past. We also recognize that even in such an environment, you might feel uncomfortable at times because of past memories and regrets that are stirred up. Our prayer is that you would come to this event excited to make your current marriage a strong, healthy, lasting one, even if it means dealing with some painful memories.

Q: We have a great marriage. Why should we attend the event or series?
A: Every marriage relationship is in a constant state of movement: You are either growing closer together or further apart. Unfortunately, it seems that the natural inclination of human hearts is to drift apart over time. Every marriage needs a tune-up from time to time, no matter how well it might be running. The video event and small-group series are designed to strengthen and enrich even the best of marriages. Both also serve as great reminders that you are God’s gift to each other.

Q: What if I register and for some reason can’t attend? Can I get a refund?
A: Each local coordinator sets, administers, and collects the registration fee for his or her event or series, so all matters relating to cancellations or refunds are up to the host. Please remember that the host has planned for each couple registered by ordering manuals, reserving adequate space, and handling numerous other logistical details to prepare for an effective event.