The Art of Marriage Testimonials

See what others have to say about The Art of Marriage®.

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The Art of Marriage® has transformed the lives and marriages of countless people. Here are just a few:

(Note: For privacy reasons the names of the following individuals have been kept confidential.)

A Memorable Weekend
“This was the greatest two days with my husband! It definitely lasts more than two days. It lasts a lifetime if you use what you learn!” –participant

Best Marriage Resource
“It’s THE best marriage material I have ever seen!” –pastor

20 Years of Struggling Has Ended
“We just had our first The Art of Marriage event and it was excellent! A couple who had struggled most of their 20-year marriage has actually decided to re-tie the knot! The Holy Spirit really had an awesome effect on their lives this weekend.” –event host

The Start of a New Life
“This will be the beginning of a new life again.” –participant

Deeper Love for God and One Another
“We are humbled, overjoyed, expectant, and changed people as a result of The Art of Marriage... I know my wife and I are still living out our new understandings and new commitments to each other that show even more depth of love for our Lord and for each other in our own marriage.” –pastor, about the impact on his own marriage

A Regular Event
“The Art of Marriage should be on every church’s calendar on a regular rotation. A godly marriage adds stability to our homes, our neighborhood, our state, and our country.” –pastor

We Learn Something New Every Time
“We discover something new every time we go through it. We’ve done The Art of Marriage three times now.”–participant

We Both Knew It Was Over
“I was physically, mentally, and emotionally done! We have been separated already and headed for divorce. I now know there is a reason and purpose and this conference showed me how much I do love him and that anything is possible with God! I leave knowing that we will make it!” –participant

A Make-or-Break Weekend
“Prior to this weekend, we were really struggling. After 25 years of marriage, we were at a breaking point. A week ago, this course seemed like a “make-it-or-break-it weekend.” It has been invaluable. We have recommitted to our marriage and divorce is no longer an option!” –participant

A New Outlook
“It made us re-look at what made us a couple. It brought us closer to God through more active prayer. We spoke and listened more honestly. I saw the confidence back in my husband’s eyes.” –participant

Lines of Communication Reopened
“Communication lines that were blocked have been reopened and we reached a depth of unity that hasn’t been possible in years. I feel we are on the same page for deeper intimacy and understanding. After 25 years of marriage, God has moved us to a new starting point of loving and cherishing each other.”

A New Pursuit
“It has rekindled my relentless pursuit of my wife’s heart.” –participant