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What is a HomeBuilder?

We're here to make you look good and your job easier! God is looking for heroes who are passionate about building godly marriages and families. You have the potential to change the legacies of your friends, co-workers, and neighbors who have never even heard of FamilyLife.

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Explore Local Volunteer Opportunities

At FamilyLife, staff and volunteers alike are passionate about impacting lives and families for Jesus Christ.  We believe that ministry is a sacred calling, that God places each of us in a unique role, and that volunteers and staff alike are equal partners.  There are volunteer opportunities available in your area, and in over a dozen different types of roles.  You can learn more details, read the qualifications, and submit an application online.

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The Volunteer Toolbox

At FamilyLife, we have the tools you need to succeed as a volunteer in reaching your local area for Christ.  With them, you can offer help and hope to hurting families, and you can strengthen healthy families.  These tools are all solidly biblical, intensely practical, and easy to use.  If you are exploring volunteer opportunities, new to a local HomeBuilder Team, or just want to build your skills with the tools, you can find out more here.

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Bring a group
Bring a group to an event

FamilyLife has created the Bring a Group program. Couples who register as part of a group receive a group registration rate of $99.99 / person for regular events and $124.99 / person for our featured getaways - a savings of $50 / person.

What is a group?