Military focused sessions

Cru Military and FamilyLife worked together to plan special Weekend to Remember events specifically for military couples. We did this because the military is a unique culture that requires unique ministry. Military marriages aren’t doomed to fail – especially if couples are supported and taught how to manage separation, the effects of war, and other challenges that are unique to military life.

A young wife share:

Just three weeks after we got married, my husband was deployed for 13 months. Attending a Weekend to Remember brought us closer and greatly helped my husband readjust and refocus on our marriage after such an extended deployment.

FamilyLife wants you to know they understand the added struggles of military life. At select getaway locations you will find an emphasis on military marriages with a special greeting on Friday evening, a project workbook especially written for military couples, and additional programs just for you.

The FamilyLife Weekend to Remember getaways can point to very definite reasons why every military couple should participate in this enriching opportunity:

Before Deployment

  • The Weekend to Remember provides a couple much-needed time away, without distractions, to focus on your marriage.

During Deployment

  • You have the opportunity to learn tools of communication which you will then apply during deployment so that you and your spouse will “stay connected” even though miles apart.

After Deployment

  • Going to a Weekend to Remember upon return from a deployment provides the opportunity for you and your spouse to encourage one another with “what we did right” and identify “what we could do better.” The latter is important because another deployment is often a part of the military life.

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