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Read how couples reviewed the getaway at the end of the weekend:

Our marriage was in the emergency room! I was/am such a broken man in sooo many ways, I died this weekend. I died and gave my life to Jesus. I am seeing my new "born again" life thru new eyes. This is your life Lord. This is your marriage. I commit it to you and ask that you help it reflect your love. Thank you so much for breaking down walls and giving us lines of hope in communication. – Dallas (Rockwall), TX

My spouse and I have opened up and have made the decision to commit our lives to Christ. We have never been to church and we leave here actively seeking a home to learn and to grow through God. We can't express how much this has helped us and affected our lives in a positive way. Our children will thank you for opening our eyes! – Married 7 years, Indianapolis, IN

Our marriage has been suffering because of a lot of stresses; we moved, then moved again, changed jobs, changed jobs again, had a death in the family, and even lived in an RV for a while. Instead of leaning on each other we blamed each other for what had happened. This weekend has helped us realize that we are not each other's enemies. We are recommitting our marriage and depending more on the Lord and each other. – Married 15 years, Lake Tahoe, NV

Husb.: I have learned that I was failing my wife in many ways. I blamed her for many of our problems when it was actually my own fault. Wife – During this weekend I could see my husband begin to let down his walls and allow me in. He has always been very guarded. He also began to understand what was causing us to struggle with communication and he committed to working on it. SALVATION for both! – Married. 1 yr., Reston, VA

This honestly was our last ditch effort to save our marriage. This provided a safe setting to address our issues and not only opened a dialogue but also provided a script for us to follow to give us the freedom to express our true feelings. I have hope, finally. – Married 4 years, Scottsdale, AZ

This event was definitely life changing. My marriage could have been completely over and this weekend literally saved it. The timing was a God given miracle. Thank you so much to all the speakers and the entire staff at FamilyLife. – Married 23 years, Tulsa, OK

It has opened our eyes to the steps that we need to take to repair our 18 year marriage. We nearly split up 5 days before this and I feel that after leaving here that we are closer, hopeful and committed. – Married 8 years, Ventura, CA

WOW! So much more beneficial than I ever could have imagined. We left our 5 children at home to come and rediscover one another. The tools we were given, the sessions, the projects, are the most useful tools we've been given in 17 years of marriage. Our marriage has been ignited! – Married 17 years, Sunriver, OR

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Comments from Wives:

After 10 years of marriage, we "made love" for the first time. It was sex before. Now it's different. We had begun the healing/restoration process prior to the conference, but "Marriage after Dark" [session] with its project was the missing puzzle piece! We are so thankful!! We are at the starting line—beginning our healthy journey. Thank you so much! – Wife, married 10 years, Anchorage, AK

I felt emotionally isolated. My husband is a man of few words (read no words). I am a woman of many. God has shown me that the way I respond to him can create a safe environment for him to be emboldened to speak. Also, I can view his weakness with grace and humility. I need to choose my words wisely, timely, and with kindness. I love the image of "convenience store sex." Always open and available…never too busy or tired. I would be crushed if he was too busy to support me emotionally or rejected me when I had a problem or needed a hug or encouragement, withdrawing from or rejecting me. That's how he feels if I do the same to him sexually. I'm grateful that God is showing me how I need to change. Ha! See?! A woman of too many words! Thank you for the sacrifices you've made to make this weekend happen. – Wife, Austin, TX

I came to this conference as a last resort for my marriage. I'm walking away with me and my spouse committed to make God the central part of our lives and to use the tools/skills we've learned here at this weekend to make our marriage what God intended it to be. Thank you! – Wife, married 25 years, Chicago (Oakbrook), IL

I came here hoping that my husband would finally see the things he was doing to make our marriage rocky. That something would be said to confirm all the things I was trying to tell him. However I was the one convicted and made to realize the things I have fallen short of. I am very thankful for this weekend and am looking forward to going home and making the changes, intentionally pursue God and actively being the best mom and wife I can be. – Wife, married 16 Years, Lincoln, NE

Our marriage was on the breaking point. God sent a couple into our lives the very day we were signing divorce papers to tell us they wanted to send us to this "Weekend to Remember". That moment God gave and showed us how powerful He was and that there was hope for us to survive and thrive. – Wife, married 1 yr, Myrtle Beach, SC

My husband's anger, harshness & blame directed at me left me lonely, feeling unlovable & hopeless. We were ready to divorce! This was our last hope. The materials were just what we needed. The speakers' honesty and transparency were powerful & life–changing. We made love for the first time in 6 months & left with a God–centered map to design our marriage to be better than the past 16 years. Thank you for all the prayer & work to prepare this conference for marriages! God is amazing! – Wife, married 16 years, Peoria, IL

Our marriage has crumbled over the past eight months, we've come apart. We've been together for 20 years. We were pregnant three months after we met and have "existed" under the same roof. This weekend we've made a decision to move forward to rebuild a new life. – Wife, Married 19 years, Seattle, WA

The first night we realized that we were not addressing our problems. We had covered things up, and we fought all night. I wanted to leave him!! I showed up Saturday – broken, confused, angry – by Saturday night God's hand moved in our marriage. By Sunday I looked at my husband with new eyes, and encouraged to stay married!! – Wife, married 9 months, San Francisco, CA

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Comments from Husbands:

I am 45 years old. I had church shoved down my throat as a child. I rebelled, not from the church, but from a broken home life. FamilyLife Weekend to Remember has opened my eyes and heart to learn and accept Jesus Christ as Savior, and as a teacher to teach me to be a better husband, father, and man. Time to man–up! Thank you FamilyLife!! – Husband, married 2 years, Albuquerque, NM

I was at the last stage of our marriage. I had isolated myself from my family because of my shame and anger toward myself. I couldn't let my family see me at this stage anymore. The generous love of Christ and you to my wife brought me back to life. Thank you Lord! Thank you to my wife and thank you to the speakers. – Husband, married 22 years Appleton, WI

Wow! What a weekend. Chels and I have only been married six months but already the seeds of selfishness and lack of good communication were already beginning to poison our young marriage. This weekend has affirmed our need for our Savior as well as the need to place each other as the number one priority after our relationship with Jesus. What we learned this weekend is already starting to bear fruit of peace, companionship and passion, and I know we are both excited to see how God uses this weekend to continue shaping our life in marriage. – Husband, Poconos, PA

I was challenged to step up and be God's man. The thought of God's commitment to me regardless of my actions and attitudes is the same commitment I am to have towards my wife and is now my life's quest. – Husband, married 31 years, Wichita, KS

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Comments from Military Couples:

We are newly married. We hit a rough patch and could not rebound. But this event surley opened our eyes and gave us tools to help us through. – Military couple married 6 months, Hershey, PA

We are a military family with 3 busy kids, so it's difficult to find time to just be together! It was really helpful to get away for the weekend and just focus on our marriage. We try to grow continuously in our faith individually, but we have been trying to grow together as we include God in our marriage. This was the perfect way to focus on that and strengthen ourselves. Thank–you! – Military husband and wife, Hilton Head, SC

I came only on Sunday after refusing to attend. I was filing for divorce on Monday. I didn't want to come. Something happened to my husband this weekend. I am excited to learn who he is now.– Military, married 4 years, Orange County, CA

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Comments from Pastors:

We have a great & healthy marriage. My husband and I are pastors and regularly mentor young couples. However, we feel like we are "coasting" in a few areas. This weekend, the projects in particular, re-ignited the desire to continually persue each other & not take each other for granted. – Pastor, married 13 years, Grand Rapids, MI

A whirlwind of emotions, growths, and changes. I have been broken and remolded into a better version of a Godly husband, father and servant leader of Christ. – Husband (Pastor) married 15 years, Napa, CA

These absolutely hit home with where we are, both in ministry and in marriage. Practical, powerful, and well–presented. Not only am I motivated to walk in my marriage but I am better equipped to do this.– Senior Pastor, married 23 years

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Comments from Newlyweds:

We are very young in our marriage and know we have a lot to mature. Attending this conference has provided us the tools to make our commitment with each other strong, successful and God centered. We now know the important things to look out for and take care of in order to preemptively avoid the common pitfalls of a relationship. We have been married for 10 months but dated for 7 years prior. This conference has given us a stronger foundation for our marriage than the 7 years of relationship prior to our marriage. –Married 10 months

This Weekend to Remember has been so awesome this weekend! The presenters were funny and kept your attention. Great sound and biblical advice. This weekend has allowed me to regroup and be the wife and mom God has called me to be. Thank you FamilyLife for restoring me and the power I have to make my marriage work. –Married 3 years.

My wonderful in-laws sent us to a Weekend to Remember as a wedding gift, having gone themselves 5 years ago. They sent us away with the wish that it would impact us as much as it did them, and I truly believe it will—for years to come. The things we learned here will be used to build our marriage into something that will glorify God and hopefully impact those around us (and one day our children). Thank you so much for this incredible opportunity—I have learned how to love my husband extravagantly and I am so excited to be a part of this marriage for the rest of my life! –Married 3 months

Attending this weekend has given us time away from our young children to learn how to be a better example of marriage to them. I personally learned how important the way I love and treat my husband, especially in front of my children, truly is. –Married 5½ years

Sam and I are young parents, young marrieds, young in our faith and are doing all of these things alone. Quite honestly, we don't have many great examples of any of these areas in our lives. It was so refreshing to get a weekend away from our very different and demanding world. To get a breath of fresh air, to receive many good encouraging words from others living out the same lifestyle we wish to live as well. We feel so renewed and empowered to go home and become the change we want to see in our marriage, family and culture. Thank you for the encouragement to do so!  –Married 11 months.

My wife and I only came because it was a cheap way to travel. We've only been married for a year, so we didn't feel that we had any problems. Our fights have been few, and our joy great. But this weekend deeply helped our marriage. The real testament of this conference isn't how it helped us resolve major conflicts, it is how it has helped us avoid them altogether. In the way we spend our time, pursue our love life, and communicate honestly this getaway has led us to make commitments to each other that will keep our relationship on track and directed towards God.  –Married 1 year

My wife and I have attended this weekend three times now. Once as pre–married, once as newlyweds and now once as new parents. Each time we learn something new about ourselves and about each other. We know each stage of life brings its own challenges, and this weekend has saved us keeping our priorities each time. –Married 4 years.

After being married 7 years, we have fallen into a routine—just living life. I feel now as if we are renewed and refreshed in our relationship! This getaway has been amazing! –Married 7 years.

It's just the world we live in. Libby and I are in our second marriages because we both had spouses who left us. Thank you for reaching out to re–marriages, and step–parents and these different issues. Glad to see Ron Deal and his ministry at FamilyLife! God bless your Godly work!  –Married 3 years.

My wife Erica and I had fallen into a bit of a rut and had been very idle in our marriage lately. At the conference we got a good "check up" and we realized we needed to pursue each other, and more importantly God, with more intentionality. We are very grateful for this conference and we will be recommending this conference to many more of our friends. Thank you for what you do!  –Married 3 years

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