The Perfect Gift for Any Marriage

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Life is one big celebration—wedding receptions, the births of children, milestone anniversaries. Each of these celebrations takes a lot of work to pull off, including finding the perfect gift. During these stressful preparations, sometimes the most precious aspect gets neglected—the relationship. Giving it the attention it deserves would be the best gift of all.


weddingsDo you know someone planning the Big Day? A wedding can take years to plan, and trying to handle all the details while working full time is stressful.

Wouldn’t a Weekend to Remember be the perfect gift for that couple? It’s a chance for them to take a break from the madness, reinforce the love they share, and prepare them for a lifetime of marriage.


birthdaysWhat about the couple who’s been married for a while? These two are always on the run, always putting their kids first. They’re so busy, they don’t even take the time to celebrate their own birthdays.

Don’t they need—and deserve—a break? Instead of the usual birthday gift, why not send them on a Weekend to Remember? Giving them a few days to reconnect and fortify their commitment to each other is the best gift they could receive.


anniversariesDo you know a couple celebrating a milestone anniversary? They could teach younger couples a lot, but there’s probably much they need to be reminded of themselves.

Even better than the traditional anniversary gifts of precious metals or gems or china, sending this couple on a Weekend to Remember gives them the gift of focusing on their relationship while revitalizing their love.

We're always looking for that perfect gift to give the people we love. Think about the couples in your life and the gifts you will give or have given them over the years. A FamilyLife Weekend to Remember getaway outshines them all, because it's the gift of love and longevity. It's the gift that keeps giving.

Give the perfect gift. Gift cards for Weekend to Remember getaways are now $100 off through March 27, 2017.