Weekend to Remember: Corporate Sponsorship

The health of marriages in the workplace can have a positive or negative impact upon businesses and organizations. That's why we created the Weekend to Remember® Corporate Sponsorship, to help organizations make a difference in marriages. Investing in employee marriages and families leads to a happier, healthier and more productive team.

Did you know …

  • When dual-income couples are happily married, they have a greater level of commitment to their employers. (Relational Wellness: Corporate America's Business by Matthew D. Turvey, PsyD and David H. Olson, PhD)
  • When companies invest in the physical and relational wellness of their workers, returns on investment can range between $1.50 and $6.85 for every dollar spent. (Tangri, 2003; Wilbert, 2006)
  • An employee making $20 per hour could cost a company over $8,000 as a result of a failing marriage (John Curtis, PhD).
  • In the year following divorce, employees lost an average of over 168 hours of work time, equivalent to being fully absent four weeks in one calendar year. (Mueller, 2005)
  • Employees, who are happily married, have lower health problems, lower absenteeism, and are often more dependable and profitable to the company. In fact, "companies that support families through corporate policy are seen as more desirable to work for." (Relational Wellness: Corporate America's Business by Matthew D. Turvey, PsyD and David H. Olson, PhD)


What is Weekend to Remember?
It's a getaway weekend designed for couples to develop and strengthen their marriage, no matter how strong or fragile. During the Weekend to Remember, couples receive practical, biblical help to take home and apply to their relationship.

How does the Corporate Sponsorship work?
Weekend to Remember Corporate Sponsorships provide a convenient way for business owners or influencers to invest in employees by covering the cost of their registration to attend the Weekend to Remember® getaway.

To help you promote the Corporate Sponsorship Program within your business, we have developed special materials for your use―Weekend to Remember brochures, inserts, posters―as well as links to promotional videos.

For more information and Corporate Pricing, please email your FamilyLife Advisor at corporate@familylife.com or call 501-228-2444 to get started!