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FamilyLife Widgets

Help others by sharing FamilyLife's best marriage and parenting content to your website.

When your audience needs help with marriage and family relationships, they need it now!

Our desire is to take the tools that the Lord has given us and make them available to as many people as we can.  You can help!  We've created several widgets that you can use to help visitors to your website find help and hope for their lives.  Your audience will be able to listen to topic-focused radio programs, download audio clips designed for a quick listen, or even request help from an eMentor.  All of this is FREE for you and your visitor.

The widgets are easy to use.  Simply copy and paste the HTML code into your web page, and you'll have rich content with which to extend your ministry.  Everything within the widget is managed by FamilyLife, which means you won't have to worry with it.  We'll update the content as needed to give your visitors even more reason to return to your site.

Choose the widget you prefer below to see it in action.  Then copy and paste the code and tell your audience about the new tool available on your website.  It's really that easy.

Radio Station Representatives:  Here's some sample promo copy to get you started: FamilyLife Today Topical Audio Library Widget Promo Copy (PDF)

Topical Audio Library Widget

Now you can help visitors to your website by hosting a library of the best programs from FamilyLife Today®.  The Topical Audio Library Widget is available in two sizes: a 4-category widget and a larger, 11-category widget.  When someone clicks the "Go listen to this series " button, a new window pops up that takes them to  There they can listen to the program, or download the mp3 or transcript.

On The Go Widget

Ever feel like there's never enough time in the day?  FamilyLife Today On The Go™ is geared for the busy lifestyle.  Practical, Biblical help from FamilyLife in a bite-sized chunk.  New content is added every Monday and Thursday.

On The Go Widget

On The Go widget

FamilyLife eMentoring Widget   UPDATED!

This Mentor Me! widget allows your web guests to receive anonymous, one-to-one encouragement from a FamilyLife eMentor anytime from anywhere.  These eMentors are not counselors.  They're just caring people trained by FamilyLife to offer encouragement and perspective based on life experience and on God's word.  Offer your site visitors the opportunity to request mentoring or prayer right from your website.

Mentor Me! Widget

eMentoring widget

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Thanks for partnering with us to bring help and hope to your community!

Save a Marriage Today

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