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We are a product of Christ's renewal. Six years ago, our marriage was being destroyed by pornography and an affair. When I found out, I wanted what God wanted and sought counseling. That helped, but listening this week walked me through forgiveness and accepting my part in the process of where my husband had gone. You saved our lives and marriage by pointing us to the cross.

I came very close to getting a divorce after my husband's infidelity. I moved out and filed for divorce. EVERYONE, including my therapist told me divorce was the right thing to do. I didn't have peace with it and listened to FamilyLife Today religiously. Because of your commitment to marriage, my mind was slowly changed that I should stop the divorce and give the marriage another try. This was five years ago. Since then, it hasn't always been easy, but we have persevered and even went to a Weekend to Remember, which REALLY HELPED !! We are stronger and happier than we have been in twenty years, and next year is our 30th wedding anniversary. I am truly thankful everything you do and for your continued faithfulness and obedience to God. I am convinced that if it wasn't for your program we would be divorced and I would be miserable. God bless you and I can't say "Thank You" enough.

Thankful WifeFamilyLife Today Listener

I listen to Family Life Today almost daily via the internet. Our family is blended. As we faced various challenges through the years I searched the internet for biblical answers. I started with Focus on the Family and discovered Family Life through their broadcasts. This ministry has been a lifeboat. I've grown so much as a wife, mom, & Christian. My husband and I will attend our first Weekend to Remember this April and hope to make the 2018 Love Like You Mean It Cruise. Thank you for making this ministry possible!

Blended Family FamilyLife Today Listener

Stable, balanced, and all-out for God are a few of the reasons I choose to support you. My husband feels the same way, and we appreciate what we regard as you consistently making sound decisions concerning your ministry.

Your ministry has helped my marriage tremendously. My husband turned his life over to God a year ago, several months after I discovered he was having an affair. Years of prayers and not giving up on our marriage and the encouragement of your ministry has turned our marriage around and into how God intended it to be. My husband is now the leader of home, praise be to God. This has definitely been the hardest time of my life, but God has never left me. We just celebrated our 19th wedding anniversary on Valentine's Day! Thank you and may God Bless!

There isn't a part of our lives you haven't ministered to. "Family" is a part of every aspect. Thank you for being in the frontlines.

Our marriage was in deep trouble. Alcohol and depression tearing, devastating, our relationship. A Weekend to Remember opened communication, forgiveness, and healing began. We are so thankful to those who made this ministry a key to our marriage renewal and continued joy through Christ.

Weekend To Remember Attendee

My husband and I have been married for seven years, have two young children and recently lost our son halfway through the pregnancy. I have struggled for months through grief and depression with this, and this weekend reminded me that Jeff is my greatest gift. It has been a much needed, refreshing weekend for our marriage! We haven't connected like this in a long time!

Weekend To Remember Attendee