Alicia La Hoz, Founder of Family Bridges

Alicia La Hoz is a licensed clinical psychologist who, for 20 years, has enjoyed bringing psychological and social science researched-based principles to leadership, professional development, wellness, and family life. La Hoz’s approach to projects is anchored in the drivers that bring about individual and systemic change. La Hoz’s portfolio of leadership and business experience includes therapeutic, coaching, and administrative roles.

La Hoz initially founded Family Bridges as a program of Meier Clinics. Since 2016, Family Bridges has grown from a program in the Chicagoland region to an international nonprofit organization focused on marriage and relationship education. There are now operations in Chicago, Milwaukee, Phoenix, San Juan, and Puerto Rico.

Through its mini-drama series, Que Gente, Mi Gente, Family Bridges has extended its reach across the globe, airing the program in 26 radio markets worldwide. Alicia has developed research-informed curricula on conflict resolution and stress management based on the outcomes of programs delivered to more than 150,000 listeners.

In 2013, La Hoz co-authored the toolkit for stakeholders Working with Latino Individuals, Couples and Families, published by the National Resource Center for Healthy Marriage and Families, as well as Romance Perpetuo, a Latino resource workbook intended to empower couples with communication and conflict-resolution skills. In 2017, she co-authored The Struggle Is Real: Modern Parenting with Dr. Paul Meier, a book and multi-media podcast.

Alicia is an active advisory board member to two national not-for-profit organizations, Elevate USA and Meier Clinics. Additionally, she served four years on the Hispanic Research Work Group hosted by the Office of Planning, Research, and Evaluation within the Administration of Children and Families, DHS, HHS.

Most recently, La Hoz became a founding partner of Bridges XL, a leadership organization delivering professional development to key leaders and staff. Corporate clients enrolling in the professional development programs have included Envision, University of Chicago, and El Milagro.