Making Your Home a Sanctuary for Your Family

You can make your home a place of peace and safety for you and your spouse and kids. Here are some ways to create the setting.

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should we cancel the wedding

When to Call it Off Before the Big Day

Marriage is a big deal. It makes sense to work through the hard questions together so you’re equipped to keep the lifetime commitment you’re about to make.

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Staying close in remarriage

How to Say ‘Not Tonight’ Without Crushing His Ego

Is it ever okay to deny his advances? Everybody needs an occasional raincheck, right?

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Preachers in Sneakers

Does it really matter if preachers wear hip clothes or live expensive lifestyles?

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stressful work day

How To Not Lose It On Your Kids After a Stressful Day at Work

I shudder at the times I’ve acted irritable to my kids because I was still stressed from work. How do we come home as the loving parents we want to be?

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Negotiating Parental Leave

Negotiating Parental Leave for the Working Mom with a New Baby

Who is responsible for making ends meet when a new baby joins a family – the new parents, their employers, or the government?

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Why Tiger Woods Wins For Us All

Why Tiger Woods Wins For Us All

Tiger Woods’ emotional grip on his son culminated a journey back from the sports-dead. We see a man experience professional victory and personal redemption.

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Rainbow Baby

The Gift of a Rainbow Baby

For parents who have lost a child, nothing will ever be able to replace that baby. But sometimes out of sorrow is the gift of a “rainbow baby,” the healthy baby who follows loss.

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Meaningful Easter Traditions

Host a Meaningful Easter Party with Your Mom Tribe + Their Kids

I’m hosting an Easter party. You should too. Use these menu ideas and activities for a fun, easy way to share the Easter season together.

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Snowplow parenting

You Might Be a ‘Snowplow Parent’ If …

Many parents fall into the well-meaning mishap of clearing an easy path for their kids, regardless of the cost. Have you?

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Parenting Teens

When to Tell Your Kids About Your Past

How much should you tell your kids about the mistakes you’ve made in the past? Pastor Drew Hill believes parents should unveil some of the ugliness in our lives … to show what God has done.

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Countdown to Easter

This guide will help you reflect on the days leading up to the Cross, Jesus’ death, His burial, and the empty tomb. One Scripture. One brief reflection. Once a day, for 12 days.

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She Was Ready to End Her Life

She searched her home for something she could take to end the pain, instead, she found God’s protection.

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Should We Have Kids?

Many married couples are putting off the decision on whether to have children … and an increasing number choose to not have any.

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Children of Divorce

5 Ways I’d Like to Thank My Divorced Parents

Despite their decision to divorce, both of my parents made sacrifices along the way that kept my brother and me as their priorities.

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How About Giving up ‘Contempt’ for Lent?

Togetherness is virtually impossible if one or both spouses feel disgust toward each other. But contempt doesn’t just show up overnight … it’s usually built up when unresolved conflicts are compounded over time.

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Teaching Our Kids Not to Be Bystanders to Bullying

Teaching Our Kids Not to Be Bystanders to Bullying

Most kids on today’s campuses probably fall into the category of “bystander.” They know they should probably do something, but they don’t.

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My husband

All My Husband Heard From Me Was ‘BOOOO!’

After we’d been married awhile, I realized I had gone from Dave’s biggest cheerleader to his biggest critic.

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mom talking with child

Have You Talked to Your Kids About Sex?

The sex talk and gender conversations in your home don’t have to be big, awkward productions. But they do need to happen. The sooner the better.

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Good Parenting

When Parenting Isn’t Popular

Making responsible, though not always fun, parenting decisions pays dividends and yields goodness that lasts well beyond the moment.

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working mom

A Day in the Life of a Working Mom

Making memories, passing on our faith to the next generation, is what our moments are made of. I try to focus on fully living in every single one.

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College Admission Scandal

Lessons From the College Admissions Scandal

These parents wanted the best for their children. But is any college worth what those families are facing now?

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Spring Break Memories

Spring Break Is for Making Memories

Staycation or vacation? Either way spring break is a time to take advantage of for having fun and creating family memories.

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Blended family in church

Going to Church As a Single Parent or Blended Family

As a single mom turned stepmom, I look to the church for help to heal. But it’s challenging to feel accepted in a place where my family isn’t reflected.

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Taylor Swift 30th birthday

5 Things Taylor Swift Gets Right on Her 30 Birthday Lessons

The pop music star is about to turn 30, and her list of life lessons beautifully blends heart with humor, plus practicality and purpose.

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Dave and Ann Wilson

‘I Told God I’d Rather Die Than Be Married to You’

Meet Dave and Ann Wilson, the new cohosts of FamilyLife Today® who bring the authentic voice of a couple who has struggled greatly in their marriage—yet found hope and help in Christ.

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baby shower

Every Expectant Mom Deserves a Baby Shower Like Meghan Markle’s

One of the greatest lessons motherhood is teaching me is that I cannot do it alone. Baby showers remind us of the help we need from family and friends.

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cultural differences

We Moved Our Family and Changed Their World

One day David and his wife, Meg, realized they wanted their family to see that the world is a more diverse place than what they were experiencing.

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What parents need to know about the Momo Challenge

What Parents Need to Know About the Momo Challenge + 5 Ways to Respond

What’s a level-headed but vigilant parent to do with this information? Here are five ways to respond to the unsettling Momo Challenge.

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Finding your way back to church

Finding Your Way Back to the Church After Sexual Abuse

How can the victim of sexual abuse trust the body of Christ again? How can we go back to any church body? Why should we even try?

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