Marie Kondo helped

How Marie Kondo Helped My Tupperware Drawer … and My Marriage

At first I found the KonMari tidying method to be humorous. But my husband says it’s attractive to him when I clean and organize our home.

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Working mom

Is A Working Mom a More Important Woman?

Working moms want significance, power, influence. Women know we can change the world. And want to be given the right to. What if motherhood offers that?

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Birthday parties

When Everyone Gets Invited to the Birthday Party

My kid’s birthday party means I include and find commonalities with nearly total strangers. And it’s a really beautiful thing.

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winning at Valentine's Day

I Used to Fail at Valentine’s Day

I always seemed to fail at this holiday until a game-changer idea took me from zero to hero. Now my wife and kids look forward to it weeks in advance.

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Searching for Significance in the World of Social Media

Nobody Liked My Tweet! Searching for Significance in the World of Social Media

People spend hours tweaking their digital persona in a search for significance. Yet is social media the best place to look?

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Improve your sex life

10 Surprisingly Effective Ways to Improve Your Sex Life

Maintaining the marital bed isn’t always easy. Here are some ideas to help you keep your marriage strong by coming together often as husband and wife.

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avoiding adultery

Guard Your Heart From Adultery

The core issue regarding sexual temptation is the condition of our hearts.

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avoiding drama

5 Ways to Avoid Being a Drama Addict

Moms today have enough on their plates without adding unnecessary drama to the list.

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Cost of parenting kids

Kids are Worth Every Single Penny—And More

At the end of my life, I won’t be sad that I couldn’t afford a bigger house, more vacations, or designer clothes. I’ll be thankful for the rich memories and lives we’ve built with our children.

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Let’s Turn the Helpless Into Heroes

I’ve always believed that’s what birth mothers really are—heroes.

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young couple with heads on pillows–woman looking at man who is facing away from her

Young, Married, and Unable to Have Sex

Having grown up in the church, it came as a shock to me when my husband and I encountered difficulty consummating our marriage.

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5 Ways to Stay Connected to Your Spouse Through Busyness

5 Ways to Stay Close to Your Spouse in Life’s Busiest Seasons

Our intentions to do good can also pull us away from the most important human relationship in our lives.

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Helping Your Family Understand Racial Reconciliation

Helping Your Family Understand Racial Reconciliation

We cannot live redemptive lives and hate our neighbor. Diversity in relationships not only shows unity to the world but also builds in our own hearts a love for others.

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What we learned at a Weekend to Remember

What Else Could We Learn About Marriage?

We thought we knew it all, but the Weekend to Remember® marriage getaway gave us practical help that was built on a solid foundation of biblical truth.

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Lose the Toxic, Not the Masculinity – picture is man showing his son how to shave

Lose the Toxic, Not the Masculinity

If our hearts chafe at this whole line of thinking, our issue is with the gospel, not the cultural narrative.

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apps to keep your kids off of

The Digital Dirty Dozen: 12 Apps for Parents to Watch Out For

My limited experience has taught me to be vigilant in what I allow before my children’s eyes.

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setting goals for your marriage

Making Resolutions for a Thriving Marriage

Setting goals is important to maintaining a healthy marriage. Here are a few ideas to help you stick to them.

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Shopping on a budget

Soothing the Shopping Itch Without Breaking the Bank

Ideas to help you feel like you’re living in luxury without spending much money … or any at all.

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Helping your child choose a college

Questions every parent should ask their kids as they consider college and career

In order for your teenagers to be able to make adult-level decisions, they need guidance. You can help them by asking good questions.

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Asking my kids for forgiveness

Asking Forgiveness From My Kids … Again

My kids need to grow up with the knowledge that I require a Savior just as much as they do.

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Why I Wish We Hadn't Lived Together Before Marriage

Why I Wish We Hadn’t Lived Together Before Marriage

Here are five reasons I wish my husband and I hadn’t moved in together before saying “I do.”

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Why does God allow suffering?

Why Does God Allow Suffering?

These basic principles will help you and your family understand the biblical reasons for tragedy.

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Grieving the Death of a Spouse

Two Funerals and a Wedding

Three ways I’ve helped my stepfamily grieve the deaths of both previous spouses.

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Remembering my identity in Christ

The Search: Who Am I Now?

From widow and single mother to second wife and stepmom, my soul suffered an identity crisis.

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Survival Tips for the first year of stepfamily life

Survival Tips for the First Year of Stepfamily Life

Ten ideas that helped (or would have helped) my family during our first blended year.

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Some Good News About the Bad News About Marriage

Some Good News About the Bad News About Marriage

Divorce rates aren’t really as bad as the academics were implying.

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What I Wish for Jeff Bezos and Tim Tebow

Despite their differing marriage scenarios, my prayer for both the Bezos and Tebows is the same: a happy ending

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Grieving after a tragedy

Riding the Two Rails of Grief: Faith and Suffering

After the unexpected death of our son, my wife and I learned that faith informs pain, but it doesn’t erase it.

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Maintaining Our Individuality in Marriage

When you look at our marriage you see unity, but you also see each one of us as a different and unique person.

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Advice for the new bride

For the New Bride: 4 Things to Remember After Saying ‘I Do’

I had no idea what being a wife meant other than we’d live together forever, hopefully have some kids, and file a joint tax return.

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