Mental and Emotional Issues


Depression: God Is Not Silent When We Suffer

If we know anything about God, we know that He comes close to those who suffer, so keep your eyes open for Him.

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Dealing with guilt

How Do I Deal with My Guilt?

You can devise all kinds of ways to try to get rid of your guilty feelings. But your guilt is not just a feeling or a personal problem.

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Asperger Syndrome from a biblical perspective

Asperger Syndrome How Can You Help

A good place to start is understanding what the Bible teaches about every person.

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Bipolar Disorder Mood Swings Mania and Manic-Depression

Mania can’t keep you from the most important task of human life: becoming more and more like your Heavenly Father.

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Living with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

To understand your struggles with OCD you need to take into account both components.

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Counterfeit Hopes: Five Myths About Change

Our culture abounds with hollow and deceptive theories of change that masquerade as biblical wisdom.

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Grief Finding Hope in the Darkness

No matter how unexpected or predictable, death shakes us to the core. The pain is inescapable.

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Help for Those Grieving a Suicide

How do you come to terms with the suicide of someone you know and love?

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Feeling Lost in the Middle of Your Life

When facing mid-life issues, it’s time to ask, “What is God doing in my life?”

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Rape recovery

Rape Recovery

Every time you remember, every time you struggle, every time you feel that your heart is breaking under the weight of what happened to you, ask Him to help you.

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Help for the Suicidal

God offers you true, living hope–not a false hope based on your death.

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Living with angry or abusive spouse

Living With an Angry Abusive or Violent Spouse

No matter how bad your situation is, remember that you are not alone.

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Help for the Caregiver

God is doing His transforming work in the person you are caring for and He also transforms.

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Living with Debilitating Fatigue

Extreme fatigue strips life down to the bare basics of human need and God’s grace.

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Dealing with your anger

Dealing With Your Anger

If you don’t learn how to handle anger, you will constantly hurt others.

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What Does it Take to Change?

No matter what issue you are facing, you can have a clear sense of where change is needed in your life and what that change should look like.

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Can People Really Change

How does the gospel bring real and lasting change into people’s lives? A Q&A with Paul David Tripp and Tim Lane.

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Anxiety: How Can I Cope?

God’s Word is filled with many good, useful, and true things that are meant to help you in your struggle with worry and fear.

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Help for Addicts

When your allegiance is to something other than God, you will simultaneously feel both in control and out of control.

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