What’s next after mom’s big day?

If you’re a mom (or have one in your house), Sunday may have been a glorious day. Breakfast in bed. Cards and drawings from the kids.  A family meal together where someone else did the cooking.

Or maybe it fell a little short of what you expected for that once-a-year special celebration called Mother’s Day.

Whatever the case, today there’s still a mom in the home, doing the things moms do. Probably getting less thanks than she deserves and getting more exhausted than she would like. Moms need to recharge, to be appreciated and encouraged. Not just once a year, but every day.

Can I suggest something you might do this week? How about a Mom’s Night Out?

That’s actually the name of a comedy that opened Mothers’ Day weekend at theaters around the country, starring Sarah Drew (Grey’s Anatomy), Patricia Heaton (The Middle and Everybody Loves Raymond), Sean Astin (Lord of the Rings), and Trace Adkins (the country music guy).

Here is a brief synopsis of my review of Moms’ Night Out:

Allyson has arrived at her lifelong dream of being a wife and mother, yet she finds herself stretched and stressed and barely hanging on. She knows there has to be more to motherhood than this. When she finds out that some of her friends are facing the same struggles, she suggests to her husband that she needs a night off with friends, and he wholeheartedly agrees. In fact, he and his friends will take care of all the kids so the ladies can relax and recharge.

Well, the evening doesn’t turn out to be so relaxing after all—not for the dads, and not for the moms. But Allyson and her friends learn some important lessons that allow them to see their lives and families for the blessings that they are. And both husbands and wives gain some new appreciation for each other.

So here’s my suggestion: Husbands, treat your wife to a Mom’s Night Out, which includes the movie.  Give her the choice of doing it with her girlfriends, as a date night with you, or maybe even a family night with the kids. I promise you, the movie will speak to her heart. Wives, put aside the workload and go. You’re vitally important to your husband and children, but they can do without you for a few hours. In fact, you’re much more of a blessing to your family when you’re refreshed and encouraged.

You need to know that the movie isn’t just great for moms. The filmmakers were wise enough to craft it to be fun entertainment for kids… and their dads, too. I’m not alone in my hearty recommendation. Ministry leaders like Beth Moore and Dennis Rainey, financial advisor Dave Ramsey, comedienne Anita Renfroe, former NFL coach Tony Dungy, Christian singers Francesca Battistelli and Michael W. Smith all agree that Moms’ Night Out affirms moms and reminds husbands and children about the importance of family.

You can find the official trailer, some great clips from the movie and and a lot more fun stuff at the official Mom’s’ Night Out website.