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workplace affairs

Is It the Man or Woman’s Job to Prevent a Workplace Affair?

Mike Pence, among many men, committed to not being alone with a woman in the workplace. Is this offensive to working women who don’t have the same option in the male-dominant workforce?

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flirt on social media

7 Ways to Flirt on Social Media

Sure, social media has been known to ruin a marriage or two. But if used in appropriate ways, it’s a tool to actually strengthen your bond.

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I don't love him anymore

I Don’t Love Him Anymore

I no longer felt anything for my husband. That thought terrified me–I don’t love him anymore. “Would I be happier with someone else?” I wondered.

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setting goals for your marriage

Making Resolutions for a Thriving Marriage

Setting goals is important to maintaining a healthy marriage. Here are a few ideas to help you stick to them.

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A marriage license is not a receipt

A Marriage License Is Not a Receipt, It’s a Commitment

Exchanging one spouse for another isn’t as easy as returning the wrong pair of shoes. Choose wisely from the beginning and forget the return policy.

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Photo Credit: George H.W. Bush Presidential Library & Museum

George H.W. Bush and the Marriage America Needs

I want my own marriage to resemble the one our 41st president had with his late bride, Barbara.

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Not All Millennials Wait For the “Right” Age to Get Married

There’s no doubt that marrying my high school sweetheart benefited us for the better.

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Not Another Top-Ten List

You don’t have to look far in order to find advice for how you can improve your marriage. Articles are all over the internet about what you should say to sustain your spouse’s interest, the type of clothes you should wear to appear more attractive, and how you can be even more intimate with your partner.

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Healthy marriage expectations

Not Another Statistic

What was the last negative statistic you heard about marriage? Most of us can quickly cite sources that point to the fact that half of all marriages end in divorce.

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Our Fixer-Upper Marriage

Our Fixer-Upper Marriage

My husband and I have learned much about putting our relationship into the hands of the Master Renovator.

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A Surprise Celebration

What started as a family reunion turned into a time of intense gratitude for the goodness of God in giving us the years my husband and I have had together

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Loneliness in marriage

Are You Married and Lonely?

Most people believe marriage is the cure for loneliness, but you actually began battling the dreaded foe of isolation when you drove off on your honeymoon.

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My dad's advice about love and marriage

My Father’s Secret to Staying in Love

As a wonderful example of a godly husband and father, I’ve always been able to go to my father for advice about anything.

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An ‘Oh, Wow!’ Insight on Marriage

After one of my messages, a man told me about the turning point in his marriage relationship.

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I’m Not Going Anywhere

In marriage we need a love that is faithful to the end—because Christians are a people who lean into the covenant of grace.

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3 Things Your Spouse Needs to Hear

These simple, heartfelt statements will deepen your love for each other.

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Its All About Commitment

Keeping your vows, not just saying them, is what builds a strong union

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A Tribute to Barbara

As their 40th anniversary approached, Dennis wrote the following letter to his wife.

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No Matter What, I Still Do

Every day, good or bad, my husband and I remain committed to our marriage

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After 70 Years of Marriage, They Both Died Within 15 Hours

The love story of Kenneth and Helen Felumlee was anything but ordinary

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Marriage Secrets From the Real Experts

“Looking back, I’ve caused us a lot of grief simply because I was a bulldozer. Bulldozers are powerful machines.” “I was a very obstinate guy and wanted things to go my way. Unfortunately … I even hate to admit it … I cheated on my wife for about 10 years of our marriage. She never […]

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Becoming Best Friends

My friendship with Jim is built on a foundation of 37 years of shared adventures

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Definition of love

How Would You Define Love?

This perspective can make your marriage an oasis in the middle of a thirsty culture. It can give you the ability to love for a lifetime.

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“I Now Understand That God Truly Wants My Marriage to Succeed”

A participant in a pilot showing of The Art of Marriage® shares his experience

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My parents stayed together

I’m Glad They Stayed Together

My parents could have taken the easy way out, but they chose to remain committed because it was the right thing to do.

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Tom brady

Tom Brady’s Boo Boo

It’s probably going to happen to each of us—in a time of frustration, we’ll say something negative we regret.

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Is it Really “Nobody’s” Fault?

If we believe in marriage like we say we do, it’s time to start taking responsibility for our relationships.

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Things I Take for Granted

When was the last time you thanked your spouse for everything he or she contributes to your life?

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The Power of Love

How God used marriage to impact my past, present, and future.

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The True Story Behind ‘The Vow’

When Krickitt Carpenter emerged from a coma following a car accident, she didn’t know her husband. Here’s the story behind the film, ‘The Vow.’

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