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When Your Spouse Rejects Your Love

My wife refused all my attempts to reconcile, keeping her distance both physically and emotionally.That scared me. And I had a choice to make.

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marriage is dying

Think Your Marriage is Dying? 7 Signs to Consider

It’s your billionth fight about the same thing. Your go-to conversations throw out divorce as a threat. What should you do if your marriage is dying?

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marriage counseling

What Marriage Counseling Is … And Isn’t

Meghan McCain’s version of marriage counseling is “drinking Jack Daniels, shooting some guns and hanging out.” Is that what you should expect?

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Dave and Ann Wilson

‘I Told God I’d Rather Die Than Be Married to You’

Meet Dave and Ann Wilson, the new cohosts of FamilyLife Today® who bring the authentic voice of a couple who has struggled greatly in their marriage—yet found hope and help in Christ.

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How Should We Feel About B. Smith’s Husband’s Girlfriend?

Suffering from Alzheimer’s, lifestyle guru B. Smith hardly seems to recognize the other woman now living in her home. Should we sympathize with her husband?

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avoiding adultery

Guard Your Heart From Adultery

The core issue regarding sexual temptation is the condition of our hearts.

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Forgiveness after adultery

Forgiving Your Spouse After Adultery

Four lessons from my journey of regaining trust in my husband.

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40 Consequences of Adultery

The counterfeit pleasure of an affair can never overcome the ways infidelity can destroy a life and marriage.

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When Your Marriage Is Dying

A marriage can’t be restored if only one person wants reconciliation, but don’t give up hope. God can give you the strength and wisdom you need.

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Does Your Marriage Need Help?

In a culture of self-sufficiency, seeking help may seem shameful or weak, but teachable followers of Christ know better.

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Protect yourself from an affair by watering your own marriage

Avoid the Greener Grass Syndrome

The best way to protect yourself from an affair is to water your own marriage.

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Save marriage

It’s Never Too Late for God to Save Your Marriage

If you drink deeply from the well of God’s love, you will inevitably pour that love into each other.

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Would Their Marriage Survive Multiple Affairs?

When Gerald Varlack lost his job, he was involved with several women—at the same time.

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Counseling organizations

State and Local Counseling Organizations

The purpose and objectives of this list of state and local counseling organizations are strictly informative and educational.

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My parents stayed together

His Lies Finally Caught Up With Him

Mary Murray felt betrayed, and Mike felt desperate and suicidal. That’s when God stepped in.

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He Didn’t Know His Marriage Was Dying

Alberto and Debbie Rodriguez were two strangers living in the same house. One was getting lonelier and lonelier … while the other was clueless.

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Why Mike Pence Is Wise to Protect His Marriage

Constructing “zones” or “hedges” around marriage can help protect against temptation and appearances of impropriety.

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Guarding Against Adultery

We should be alert for the initial warning signs of unfaithfulness.

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Save marriage

I Decided to Give the Whole ‘Faith’ Thing a Try

During the early years of their marriage, Jim and Nina Roesner made some life-changing decisions at Weekend to Remember getaways.

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Could God Heal Their Marriage?

There was an invisible barrier between Marc and Lisa Lavalas.

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Support husband

A Marriage Raised From the Dead

Less than 12 months after Tim and Teena Hoover married, their vows to God and to one another were shattered.

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Would She Walk Out on Her Marriage?

Troy and Sara Groves once said divorce was not an option. But they didn’t anticipate the struggles they’d face with weaknesses, expectations, and bitterness.

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Troubled marriage

When Should You Involve Someone Else in Your Marriage Problems

Five issues that warrant outside intervention.

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Wrestling With God Over a Broken Marriage

Trusting my husband was not an option, but I wondered if I could trust God.

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What’s the Real Problem in Your Marriage?

Instead of focusing on treating the symptoms, identify the underlying “disease” in your marriage with these six suggestions.

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The Gambler Took a Chance on Marriage

He wasn’t looking for love… but love found him.

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After the Affair: Rebuilding Our Marriage

When Brad left a note saying he was moving out for good, I wondered where God was.

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The Ashley Madison Bomb

If your name is on the Ashley Madison list, or if you have some other secret infidelity like pornography or strip clubs, here are some steps to take right now.

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They Got an Annulment for Their Divorce

Alex and Jill Averitt learned that nothing is impossible for God.

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She Never Gave Up on Her Husband

Tom Flippin resisted God nearly all his life. But in the end, God answered his wife’s prayers.

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