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teaching kids about money

One Dollar = One Taco: Easy Money Lessons Over Fast Food

In a first world country, our kids know that everything they could ever want to buy is accessible. How do we teach them the value of things and money?

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Snowplow parenting

You Might Be a ‘Snowplow Parent’ If …

Many parents fall into the well-meaning mishap of clearing an easy path for their kids, regardless of the cost. Have you?

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Teaching Our Kids Not to Be Bystanders to Bullying

Teaching Our Kids Not to Be Bystanders to Bullying

Most kids on today’s campuses probably fall into the category of “bystander.” They know they should probably do something, but they don’t.

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Gender-Neutral Parenting Isn’t for Me

My husband and I are raising our daughters to identify with who God designed them to be, embrace the characteristics He gave them, and develop confidence in the goodness of their Maker.

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Smartphone addiction in kids

My Son Was Addicted to a Smartphone

The patterns I saw in my child’s behavior opened my eyes to the damage my phone had done.

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50 Things You Can Say to Make Your Child Feel Great

A list for parents who want their children to know their love and God’s love.

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a surprising antidote for sibling rivalry

A Surprising Antidote for Sibling Rivalry

Teaching your children to help others is a lifetime gift to them and to everyone they encounter.

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Q&A: How do I stop my child from cursing and using inappropriate speech?

Don’t ever think that training your child’s language is in vain.

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3 Truths We Need to Teach Our Kids About Being Satisfied

Filling our hearts and minds with the things of God will quench the hunger that the world cannot.

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2 Simple Ways to Teach Respect to Young Children

Training preschoolers can be overwhelming, but starting small will build a strong foundation for more lessons to come.

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who's running things around here

Who’s Running Things Around Here?

The undeniable fact is that God expects parents to lead the family.

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Chores for children

Teaching Toddlers to Do Chores

As parents we can grow accustomed to doing everything for our young children and lose the opportunity to teach them responsibility.

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Family busy with activities

Lessons From a Basketball Coach: The Value of Selflessness

How the high school coach of NBA star LeBron James teaches his players about the value of serving others.

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teaching kids the difference between discernment and being judgemental

Teaching Kids the Difference Between Discernment and Being Judgmental

We need to help our kids carefully discern good from evil without developing hearts that condemn others.

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Help me be a better parent

31 Questions to Help You Be a Better Parent

Answer these questions with honesty, humility, and dependence on God’s power.

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teaching your children to be a good conversationalist

Teaching Your Children to Be Good Conversationalists

Training our kids to be good conversationalists is an example of living out the second great commandment: “Love your neighbor as yourself.”

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if you want to tame your child's tongue, start with your own

If You Want to Tame Your Child’s Tongue, Start With Your Own

One of the greatest gifts we can give our children is disciplined speech.

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murray family code

Murray Family Code

Karis Kimmel Murray describes the “Murray Family Code.” She and her husband developed these rules to emphasize practical and biblical expectations for how family members will live and treat each other.

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Will Your Kids Be Ready for the Real World?

Youth entitlement seems to have reached epidemic proportions in both my family and society as a whole.

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7 Priorities for Great Parenting

If we had only 30 minutes to talk with you, here’s the advice we would pass on.

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Teaching my teen

Teaching Your Teen to Treat the Opposite Sex With Dignity

A few specifics that teenagers need to learn about the opposite sex.

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Ministering to parents

The Myth of Successful Parenting

No matter how skillful you are, only God is sovereign over your children.

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Stop overindulging children

Stop Overindulging Your Children

Advice on how to meet all their needs, but not all their wants.

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Q&A: Teaching Children How to Resolve Conflict

Three suggestions for modeling conflict resolution to your kids.

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Q&A: Financial Planning, Kid Style

What are some ways to teach my children about money?

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Raising Responsible Kids

Help your children take responsibility for their actions.

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Forgiveness Is a Gift of Love

A champion gymnast learns that healing for her troubled relationship with her father takes more than hard work and determination. An excerpt from a new book, Growing Together in Forgiveness.

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Teaching my child

The Power of a Parent

By building your child’s character, you can help shape the future.

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Q&A: Teaching Children to Apologize

We need to realize that we are not just asking for an apology, but we are also training their consciences.

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Teach children gratitude

Why We Need to Teach Our Children About Gratitude

Gratitude is not natural; it must be nurtured.

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