Legacy Partner Connect Event Livestream

On September 6, 2018, FamilyLife presented the Legacy Partner Connect Event featuring Dennis and Barbara Rainey’s book, The Art of Parenting. Joining the Raineys were FamilyLife’s president David Robbins and his wife, Meg, along with Bob Lepine. The team fielded questions from callers on subjects most affecting their ability to parent today.

Clips from the livestream

Why the Book?

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Dennis and Barbara Rainey talk about the journey they’ve been on to bring the book, The Art of Parenting to fruition.

How is Technology Impacting Parenting Today?

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In The Art of Parenting, an entire chapter is devoted to the subject of technology, why is that important for successful parenting today?

Our Assignment as Parents

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One of our assignments as parents is to teach our children to be critical, biblical thinkers with the goal of helping them discover that God thinks they are a work of art.

What is Fair?

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How do we respond when our children think we are being unfair?

How to Teach Children to Respond to the Culture.

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When the culture is pressing against our biblical norms, how do we teach our children to understand biblical distinctions and love others at the same time?

When our Children Parent Differently than We Do

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Grandparents often observe things in the parenting style of their own children that impact the grandkids. How do you manage those different parenting styles?