Leading Through a Crisis: Time for a Family Reset

Pre-pandemic we might’ve had lofty ideas about what we value: God and our family topping the list. 
With the time stuck at home during quarantine we are able to see our real priorities. We’ve been given a unique opportunity to think about what we value, whether we want to or not. 
Multitasking managers who rarely made it to family dinners are now home chefs in charge of the mac and cheese. Traditional nine-to-fivers are finding themselves up past bedtime for the third family game night this week. 
We’ve been given the gift of a family reset. What do you want to be true as life reopens? Take time to assess your lasting family values  and discuss it in your home. For guidance in this regard, we’ve created a download to help you walk through it.  Fill out the form below to get your free copy.

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