Easter at Home Made Easy

Church closed?

We’ve got ideas to open up Easter. 

Maybe your COVID-closure Easter feels like something that can wait. More decisions, more weirdness = something else for that “B”-priority list. 

A “meaningful Easter” could get lost. Like that plastic egg you find in the ficus tree around August. 

And this year, we fiercely need the reminder of our true hope; of the power of the One who raised Jesus from the dead, who has authority over all things.

So we’ve got a virtual basket of free resources to help you with Easter at Home, Made Easy.

  • 2 weeks of an Easter-countdown paper chain–each link printed with a simple get-ready-for-Easter activity (Perfect for kids crawling up the walls with cabin fever. Like anyone’s kids are doing that.)
  • Totally-doable ideas for a simple, meaningful family Easter service if your church won’t be live streaming 
  • 9 ways to make Easter meaningful
  • A 1-page Holy Week reflective journaling page for the adults
  • Our complete printable Resurrection Eggs activity book

Ready for a hopeful, doable Easter when we need it most?

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