You Can Strengthen Gratitude and Love in Your Family

Showing gratitude is so much more than just saying “thank you.” Grateful people are marked by more than the occasional expression of thanks. They are marked by their hearts, because true gratitude is given from a heart of love.

Since FamilyLife began over 40 years ago we’ve been putting out biblically-based resources to help strengthen marriages and families. Thousands of families turn to us, seeking answers and hope, and we’ve been privileged to help them.

Now we want to encourage you with our new eBook, My Family’s Gratitude Plan. We hope that it will help you strengthen the bonds of love in your family.

When you get the eBook, you’ll find:

  • Articles that share different perspectives on the importance of gratitude and giving thanks.
  • Thankfulness Conversation Starters.
  • An activity list to help you & your family connect.
  • Paper Chain prompts.
  • Thanksgiving Bingo.
  • Gratitude Poster or Jar artwork.
  • Printable, frameable Scripture art.
  • A list of ways to be grateful if you live in the developed world.

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