You've got gifts. We've got needs.

Explore the many opportunities with FamilyLife.

When friends like you—with your gifts, your stories—help us, this boots-on-the-ground work becomes more than just a few, radically changed families.

It becomes a movement.

We’ve made it easy to jump in and get involved right where you are—from Poughkeepsie to Seattle to Bogata.

What difference could you make?

Small Groups

Start a Small Group

Changing one home at a time starts with life-altering relationships. We make it easy for you to facilitate a small group right where you are. Together, you’ll absorb relevant, usable truth that transforms families.

Revolutionize your community—one marriage at a time

What if you could encourage marriages in your community with practical, healing advice for their soul-level needs? The Art of Marriage video event is designed to be hosted by anyone, anywhere.

weekend to remember

It’s the romantic getaway your friends need most.

Find out what over 1.5 million couples worldwide have experienced at FamilyLife’s Weekend to Remember®. It’s your turn to help make great marriages happen. Every couple who registers for a Weekend to Remember as part of your group saves $100 on registration.

Create more beautiful blends.

Blended families have challenges all their own. Our resources equip you to reach out with real help perfectly tuned for their unique dynamics.

blended family
FamilyLife Global

Think bigger. Reach further.

FamilyLife Global extends our practical tools for life and marriage on a worldwide scale, mobilizing nationals to impact their cultures in Jesus’ name. Can’t wait to help? You can go, give, and pray.

How-to’s for more I-Still-Do’s.

From our over 40 years of meeting marriages right where they are, we’ve developed a one-day Marriage Ministry  workshop that takes church leaders from “We don’t know where to start” to “We can do this!”

I Still Do

Hungry for more?

At FamilyLife, you can combine your vocational talents with your desire to help marriages and families. Right now, God is beckoning men and women of all seasons of life to come help us change the world. What difference could you make?