Be On The Team

Be On The Team

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Do you play like you are “on the Team?”

Athletes on a team often do not play as a team. That may be because they lack the unity or the skills necessary to play to the best of their ability, to accomplish more as a group than they could as individuals.

We are a team at FamilyLife as well. We too have need for unity to be effective. We also need training to perform well. The Institute of Biblical Studies has trained Cru/FamilyLife to understand the Bible better, to know sound theology, and to engage in personal ministry so we can play well together on the FamilyLife team.

Team members, take advantage of the skills you can develop through the five IBS courses offered in the next year.

Team Training

This year’s IBS courses offer a variety of topics for new and senior staff. Our first two courses this fall are specifically offered for new staff, as they are foundational for personal growth and doing ministry, as well as being required to get new staff started on MHA with Cru. The third course, Introduction to Mission, will be offered online in Cru’s Virtual selection of courses, three times or so each year. So all new staff may complete all three first year courses this year.

For senior staff a survey of the entire Bible will be offered in two courses through our spring and summer classes. Finally, we have a course considering how to think ethically, as crucial and timely a topic in our day and age, as it was when Mordecai immortalized the words, “for such a time as this”.

This line up also welcomes paid FamilyLife staff and Cru staff from other ministries. RMO staff are required to take all IBS classes within ten years of joining staff. To earn the FamilyLife IBS certificate they must take classes for certificate or graduate credit. Graduate credit is conferred by Reformed Theological Seminary in Orlando.

Hope to see many of your names on the roster in the coming year,

Rich Loftness
Theological Education Coordinator
FamilyLife Institute of Biblical Studies


Who Can Participate in FamilyLife IBS Courses and How?

Cru has been building up its staff through the Institute of Biblical Studies for over fifty years. FamilyLife felt it was so essential for staff that in 1994 they started an in house IBS program so that FamilyLife staff could take courses on-site. Cru staff from other ministries join us at times. Other missionaries, pastors, and full time Christian workers in the area are also invited to participate for a nominal additional fee.

RMO missionary staff are required to take courses on a certificate level toward the 24 credit IBS certificate and need to complete all 24 credits in their first ten years on staff. Paid staff may take classes for certificate credit, doing all assignments, or as an auditor, sitting in on classes to soak up the discussions without doing assignments. Staff who have a college degree, for a small additional fee, can earn master’s level credit from Reformed Theological Seminary in Orlando for each course they take.

Comments about IBS classes this past year


“The instructor did a fantastic job of demonstrating, explaining and walking us through the information. I have more clarity for sure! . . . It will give me confidence in sharing and dialoguing with others about my faith.”

“It gave me a better understanding of some of the difficult doctrines and to remind me all I don’t know.”

“I really liked the instructor’s balanced perspectives, and enjoyed the discussions. I looked forward to each session.”

“I think it gives me a firmer grasp on issues I may face in ministry while at the same time modeling grace in interacting with both fellow believers and those who are not yet believers.”