Mottos – They can define us

In a few words they can express guiding principles an oxrganization or individual follows. They can summarize a group’s values. What words define your values? Country music fans
may define their values as “God and Country”. The West Point Military Academies’ famous motto is “Duty, Honor, Country.”

As FamilyLife staff, three words may define us as well – “God, Family, Mission.”

“God”: the maker and sustainer of all things, made known through His Word, both living, Jesus Christ, and written, the Bible. Jesus taught us that we should seek God’s kingdom before anything else.

“Family”: The first institution God created. At FamilyLife we know that family is second only to God on our priority list. Strengthening marriages and building families is what our ministry is all about.

“Mission”: Our mission is to bring the Gospel of Jesus to all nations. Our mission is to spread that Gospel through the medium of marriage and family. The word nations in Scripture comes from the word ethne, which means ethnicity. Therefore, we are called to bring God’s message to all the ethnicities of our neighborhood, our country, as well as the nations beyond our country.

These three values, “God, Family, Mission” are reflected in our three IBS course offerings this year. Our theology course Bible, God, and Holy Spirit focuses on God, especially as He is has revealed Himself in His Word and through His Spirit. Our family course A Biblical Theology of the Family is a study of what the entire Bible teaches on this vital subject. Our third course, Introduction to Mission, focuses on the theology, history, and strategies for reaching the world for Christ, from next door to around the world.

Our courses are required for all missionary staff and should be completed in the first ten years on staff to maintain MHA. Missionary staff may take classes for certificate credit, to earn the 24-credit seminary level IBS certificate, or for graduate credit through Reformed Theological Seminary of Orlando, Florida. FamilyLife paid staff are also welcome to take our classes for credit or as auditors. Our one-week courses are also perfect for Cru staff from other ministries to fulfill their IBS requirements.

So if you are needing or wanting to develop your FamilyLife staff values, take FamilyLife IBS classes this year. Register online a few months ahead of time (if you want to read textbooks early) to a few weeks before each course begins.

Rich Loftness
Theological Education
Coordinator for the FamilyLife
Institute of Biblical Studies

Comments about IBS classes this year

“Gave me a deeper appreciation for truth and how to communicate the truth in love.”
“This course will help me engage and dialogue with others in a way that is healthy and produces productive conversations.”
“I will be much more thoughtful and introspective about what I choose to do in life and better equipped to interact with other believers and those who don’t yet believe.”
“Eager to finish the work . . . the exposure to the material has peaked my interest that much more. Eager to apply a “revamped” method to everyday life.”