Session 1: The Enemy of Marriage

Session 1: The Enemy of Marriage

Marriage is first and foremost a spiritual relationship. If you push the spiritual dimension to the side, you ignore the very God who created marriage and the One who can help you make it work. But there also seems to be an opposing force that works to unravel everything we try to unite. What is the enemy of your marriage?

Major Points:

  • Couples naturally drift toward isolation.
  • Our differences and weaknesses can push us apart.
  • There is an enemy. It’s not your spouse.

Questions to Consider:

  1. Compared to when you got married, do you feel you’ve become more isolated or more connected?
  2. The experts in this session speak about our expectations for marriage. Looking back, what unrealistic expectations did you bring into your marriage?
  3. As you consider married couples who have stayed together, what have you seen them do to stay connected?
  4. List some ways you are different from your spouse in two or three of the following areas:
    • Family background
    • Personality
    • Education
    • Interests
    • Use of free time
    • Entertainment choices
    • Spending habits
  5. The Bible says that “two are better than one” (Ecclesiastes 4:9). In the space below, write down one way in which your spouse’s differences have ultimately benefited you.
  6. In what ways do you see the ancient patterns of shame, blame, competition, control, and hiding in your marriage?

Set aside an hour in the next two to three days to sit together and discuss with your spouse your impressions from the video and your answers to these questions.

Further Study: