I have to admit I’m not fully embracing the unprecedented yet.

A friend of mine posted on Instagram recently, “Fellow dads, we’re living in an unprecedented time. No sports. No distractions. No school. Just time. Unprecedented time. The very thing your kids crave. With you. At home.”

As a dad of four, 13 and under, and the leader of a global family ministry, you’d think I’d embrace it.

I’m working from home. I’m listening to my wife discipline our kids in the other room by herself while I lead a virtual team meeting in my new conference room with bunk beds

It seems like over night, Team Robbins is facing a new normal. How about you?

Maybe you are a single mom wondering if the walls of your Brooklyn apartment are going to suffocate you. Or you’re in a struggling marriage and a new commitment to date nights out was giving you fresh hope. Maybe you’re two working parents who just added “homeschool teachers” to your resume. Or a blended family whose newly established patterns are disrupted…again.

And yet, in the midst of massive uncertainty, I see an uncanny beauty. Everything else in our world is shutting down. But home is being restored as the main hub of society and regaining its rightful, holy place. I wonder and I pray with hope, “God, what are you up to?”

At FamilyLife, we believe your family can grow closer to God, grow stronger together, and serve your neighbors abundantly during this crisis. I look forward to sharing the incredible things our team has planned and partnerships we have formed to come alongside you and your family in this unique season.

You can start here:

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Trusting the God who is locking arms with you,

David Robbins
President & CEO