Charlene Roberts

Charlene Roberts is a Relationship Advocate who firmly believes in the hope and power of healing and repairing interpersonal relationships. She began her stepfamily relationship education in 2004 when she and her husband Steve entered remarriage. Steve brought two daughters from his first marriage and Charlene, a son from her first marriage. Charlene and Steve also have two "Ours" children. However, Charlene will tell you they see ALL five children as "Ours" and, more importantly, as God's.
Charlene and her husband reside in Indiana but continue their mission to help stepfamilies across the US, and globally as well. They have been connecting with blended family experts and ministries to build an online education platform and community, known as Stepfamily Network. The vision of Stepfamily Network is to be a bridge that connects stepfamily experts and resources to those in remarriage (with kids) seeking relationship assistance with their unique blended family situation.

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