Darla Stone

Darla Stone explores the heart-wrenching issues of security, forgiveness, and spiritual responsibility for women who are in the unique circumstance of being married to one who does not walk with God. This book begins by clarifying personal restoration and security through the God of hope. She then presents enlightening information about marital submission and exhibiting God’s grace through action to find a balance where a godly woman can stand securely In Christ Alone.

In Christ Alone took root from Darla Stone’s personal journey. During those difficult years, she grasped security in Christ alone and in turn began to teach others the biblical wisdom that she had learned.

Spiritually Mismatched Day 3

Submission and Respect

How do you respect and submit to an unbelieving spouse?

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Spiritually Mismatched Day 2

When Differing Values Collide

Marriage can often accentuate the differences in a husband and wife.

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Spiritually Mismatched Day 1

Unequally Yoked: Three Stories

Do you wish you and your husband were on the same page spiritually?

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