Dave Bondeson

Dave serves as the Pastor of Family Ministries at Woodlands Church in Plover, WI. He and his wife love their home church and believe community is essential to spiritual health and parenting survival! Dave leads children's and parenting ministries and is the founder of the Parent's Summit, a national parenting conference. He blogs and contributes at parentssummit.com.

He and his wife have four children, ages 2-14, and are a blended family. If he's not reading or writing in his free time, he's rooting for Wisconsin sports teams.

Twitter: @davebondeson

Episodes appearing in

Growing up, Dave Bondeson's father told him, "Remember, you're a Bondeson and a Christian." Dave finds it challenging to translate that into a blended family with a stepdaughter whose last name is not Bondeson. View Show Notes →
When Dave was growing up his father told him over and over, “You’re a Bondeson and a Christian.” That helped shape his identity. But as a father himself, Dave finds […] View Show Notes →